Wednesday 13 July 2016

A Clean Bill

I have decided for myself to go walking daily even if I do not have a walking partner to go with some days.  We all have to do for ourselves at times, or we would sometimes do nothing, yes?

A couple of years ago when I was in a manic state, I was walking at least 2 or 3 hours a day, either outside or in on my treadmill.  Trust me other then not sleeping well those days, I must admit I was physically in much better shape.  My Goal? is to get back where I was then (less the manic state).

I have been out the door before 6 am, as I have to get back to look after our Aussies by 7 am.  Also early mornings are a time to try and "beat the heat".  We most certainly are getting our share of heat the past few days, not that I am complaining as I am not the biggest fan of the Winter months.

I have been fortunate the past two mornings on capturing, what I think are, some beautiful scenes looking out over Colpoy's Bay from where I walk through Wiarton's Bluewater Park, and along by the Wiarton Marina.

I hope they are enjoyed by more then myself, so I have shared them on my Facebook page and here.

Hashtag: #PictureOntario

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce is running a Photo Contest with a chance to win $300 for an Ontario Park.  I have entered the first photo, please wish me luck, as if I ever won it would be the very first time I entered one of my photos into a contest.  Thanks in advance for everyone's vote of confidence !

Rob and I very seldom have our photo taken together, and my Cousin Vi was kind enough to take our photo at our Cousin's Wedding reception a couple of weeks ago and give us a copy.

Hopefully not too bad of a looking couple.  Just a little older and a little heavier, but still with *smiles* on our faces, so this is a GOOD thing.

Last month at my Doctor's he changed me up from seeing him every two weeks to once a month.

Today was my once a month appointment with him.  I am pleased to say I do not have to go back again for another month as I am doing so well.  I still have the odd anxiety issue, however so far I have been able to deal with them and get them under control.  My overspending that I had been experiencing last Summer in my Bipolar depression state has came to a halt (thank goodness).  I had my Doctor laughing about that, as I told him I had just found a brand new bra in a drawer that I had bought last year, but had been quite delighted to find it as it had saved me by going out to buy a new one this Year !   Ha ! it is a good thing we can laugh at ourselves, as well as give someone else a good laugh.

Anyhow my blood pressure is great, I have lost 17.5 lbs (still on the decline), and my Bipolar is quite under control, much to my delight to be out of that dark area in my head, thanks to the Lamotragine.  Yes it was nice to walk out of my Doctor's office with a clean bill.

I know I have thanked all in my life who have stood by me throughout my known illness the past Year, however I really can't express enough how really grateful I am for the support.  Thank you to Everyone, as I so appreciate all the kindness and understanding I have received from so many. It was this kindness that gave me just enough thread of hope to keep going.  Once again, thank you.

Since the heat wave has hit us, we have been keeping all the doors and windows in the house closed up and all the fans going full speed.  How has everyone else been beating the heat?

Anyhow on the note of beating the heat, I think I will keep myself plunked on my couch for awhile and enjoy a nice glass of Pure Leaf Iced Tea, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. You are sounding so much more POSITIVE! Thank the good Lord for small miracles that repair the soul.

    We had to do some shopping so we went to town really early. That's the best time to hit the farmers market anyway! I closed the house up tight, drapes pulled and fans blowing. So far we haven't had to turn the AC on. Enjoying a glass of Pure Leaf Lemon. Had the Raspberry last week. It's really the best isn't it?

    Have a great afternoon Cindy! (Give Rob an elbow and tell him to open his eyes next time the camera is pointed at the two of you)

  2. Good news on the health front, and those shots are beautiful.

    We've had the humidity especially here today. I've been trying to keep a water bottle with me during the day (though I forgot today), and I'm never that far away from water fountains anyway.

  3. So glad you're doing well. Take it easy in this heat!

  4. I love hearing about your good news! Especially glad to hear that your moods are levelling out thanks to the new medication! And daily exercise - that is so important! I love both of those photos - good luck and hope you win!


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