Tuesday, 15 March 2016

It's Been Awhile

It's been awhile since my last blog post.  I still am not up to snuff with even thinking about doing a daily blog post, however will do one when the spirit moves me.  Today my spirit has been moved.

Should anyone follow the Facebook page of our Checkerboard Aussies, they would have known by now Portia had her puppies last Friday.  I am pleased to introduce ....

The "Terrific Three" ...... one Blue Merle Male, and two Red Tri Females.

I hate to disappoint anyone, however all three of the "Terrific Three" have been sold. Two were sold before they were born, and the third one sold last night.  Just think in another week their eyes will be open, and in three weeks time I will be feeding them solid foods ..... totally amazing isn't it, and in 8 weeks they will all be gone to their new homes at the end of April.  Time flies by .....

Saturday my Auntie Gladys came up for a visit.  We met for a light lunch at the local Subway then headed up to Gateway Haven to have a bit of a visit with my Mother.

Aunt Gladys had brought along a family photo she was showing Mom.

Since this coming Friday is my birthday, Auntie had brought me along a gift of a rose.

In the "spirit" of St. Paddy's Day, this rose is a very pale green.  Beautiful is it not?  Just think I almost could have been a Patty .....

Sunday Rob had a day off, so we took advantage by driving down to the Costco in Kitchener.  Since we were so close, we also dropped around to see the grandchildren.  It makes for a long day going down and back, however well worth seeing the kids when we do so.

Last Fall we had bought flooring and paint for our bedroom, however not had time to get around doing anything with it.  Today we decided to start decluttering our bedroom to get going on things.

Six bags later !!! and a whole bunch of empty hangers, I would say we made quite a good dent on it today !!!

There is still plenty to do, but at least it was a good start, and you have to start somewhere to get going where you want to be.

Also today I began my first scheduled appointment with Trauma counselling.  Let's just leave it that I didn't have a very good afternoon, and there had been many tears shed.  I was very grateful that the counsellor is very educated on Bi-polar, and I did actually gain some further information on it.

Today I came away with knowing I have survived 40 years or so having Bi-Polar without harm to myself or others, having no diagnosis until recently.  The counsellor pointed out how much strength I have had to survive all those years with what I had to go through.

As I said, lots of tears, but again, it is a beginning, and I have begun the struggle of hopeful healing.

I can't write anymore about it right now as I find it too emotional and difficult.  Maybe another time.

This is all she wrote this day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Those pups are far too cute!

    I can say, having had been through therapy for depression (and still going, but not as often as when it all began), is that it helps. You find the right one, and it works. I don't know where I'd be if I hadn't.

  2. Glad the apirit moved you! Hope it ontinues to!

  3. Glad you are feeling better! The majority of my friends are Bipolar, so you are not alone. As long as you take your meds you should have no problems. In a couple of weeks you will feel so much better.Good news is that a lot of my friends have been weaned off of most of their meds in their sixties and are doing fine.Most of them are the busiest and kindest people I know.Take care my friend! Holly Croghan

  4. I have a plaque on my bedroom wall that reads "every journey begins with a single step", so, like you, I started a project that has been waiting for a couple of years but I just couldn't get the motivation for. It must be spring!! One step at a time, and one day at a time Cindy.

  5. Happy Birthday Cindy and many more:)
    Treat yourself to a double-scoop ice cream cone today!!
    You deserve it!
    Your friend always, Lynn

  6. Happy Birthday from a birthday twin! May we find good in every day!


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