Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Thank YOU Honey !

As most usual, I didn't have the greatest night waking up to not feeling the best.  Before I managed to get up and going Rob had let all the dogs out for me, fed and cleaned the puppies out.

Thank YOU honey !  you must have known how much I had needed that this morning, and I so appreciate you doing what you do for me.

I had an awful morning, however by the time mid-afternoon had came along I finally began feeling better.  I kept pushing myself to go, and maybe going this day helped somewhat.

I most certainly know these little guys sure kept me busy after the lunch hour by the time I cleaned them all out, fed, watered them and gathered them all back up.

At one point when I was coming back in the front door I discovered this guy there.  I am relieved to know someone was praying for me this day, as God knows I needed it.

I had a small boneless pork loin thawed out and put it in the Romertopf with veggies for our Dinner this evening. Yes it turned out very very good with no complaints from either Rob nor myself.  More on Romertopf by *clicking* HERE.

I am sure Rob is happy I have started cooking a little bit again? yes Rob?

One thing I need to learn.  
I am beginning to learn this however have been very slow at it.  It will come, and truly I have been learning to say, "NO", even though it has been very difficult at times.

The Voice is on this evening.  All the judges have chosen their teams and now the battles of elimination begin, I believe tonight.  The talent is amazing and I so enjoy this show, as I really am not one to watch too much TV.

This is all she wrote this day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Take your time with everything.

    The pups are just too adorable.

  2. Those puppies look like they're full of mischief. Good thing they're cute, eh.

  3. They are growing so fast!! I love that saying about the empty teacup. I am starting to say NO more often and it does get easier!


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