Sunday, 4 October 2015

Disappointment In Products

Mornings are always very busy first with the Aussies, and more so with puppies.  Some mornings can be quite poopier then others actually.  This morning was no different.

What was different about this morning? for the 2nd time I went to pick up my brand new laptop of ONLY 10 days old it would not come on.  There was power going to it however the screen would not come up.  Just what I did not need was a trip into Staples over in Owen Sound.

Rob had some call this morning and we headed on over about 11 am.

The Customer Service guy did everything I had done, and yes it did not work any more then it had for me. What I did learn there is only 14 days store exchange or refunds on electronics.  Four more days and I would have been without a laptop as it would have been shipped off to HP to be repaired or replaced under the 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty.  I certainly would have been less happier about that.

As it went we ended up getting a refund then choosing a bit higher end Laptop of a $200 difference, with an extended warranty (I am not going to be stuck with my pants down on this new investment after this experience).  Oh yes, not only was more time and gas spent going to return the dysfunctional laptop, but more time was spent setting up the new one once back home ... *sigh*

Bottom line I have a very high disappointment in products now a days, or should I say maybe in the last 20 years products have gone downhill with quality assurance being a thing of the past !!!

More disappointment? this time with more health issues.  I thought after having the surgery to open the duct into my Pancreas this past Spring it would be the end of my woes.  This is not to be.  I can no longer eat, as of the past week or so without having severe pains again.  Hopefully they will not get as bad I will require a trip to the Emergency department for more shots of morphine.

I am waiting to hear back from my Doctor's office with a referral to another specialist in either Toronto or London.  Hopefully it won't be a 1/2 to a year wait once I do hear back.

Still it is difficult not to enjoy a meal knowing I will suffer afterwards, and this evenings meal of leftover chicken was really good.

Easy Peasy to cut up leftover chicken, heating up in a favourite BBQ sauce and serving over a bun, with a couple of sides of veggies.

I keep hearing we are to expect some nasty weather as a result of the Hurricane way down South, but have yet to see anything in our local forecasts.  I must be searching the wrong weather forecasts?

I am hoping I am not feeling too bad this upcoming week as I have so much to do and lots and lots of housework needing done.

Reading this on Facebook this morning had given me a chuckle:

Just found my Cleaning Fairy dead under my bed.

She was strangled to death by the Dust Bunnies.

Hmmm I had been wondering where she had gotten to for some time now, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

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