Thursday, 1 October 2015

A Day With My Girl

This morning I got up early as usual.  After doing my morning Aussie chores and Facebook updates, I got myself somewhat presentable and headed South to have a day with my girl.

Liz's birthday is the 11th of this Month, so I thought I would take advantage of her having the day off work to take her out for lunch, and also shop for a gift together for her.

I arrived in New Hamburg just before 10:30 am.  Liz and I had a coffee before heading over towards Elmira where we had lunch At the Crossroads.  We really enjoyed our lunch walking away "stuffed".  A great place to have lunch or dinner, either choosing the Buffet or ordering off the Menu.  Rob and I used to live about 5 minutes away from the Crossroads and use to dine there on occasion, sometimes taking Mom Roth there for a dinner as well.

More about the Crossroads, just *click* HERE.

After lunch we headed over to Conestoga Mall.  Geesh I hadn't been there I sure in about 15 years or so ! and really when we lived there barely went there at all.  We stopped in at Zehrs as I had $15.00 in coupons for Saputo, which we put towards some Provolone Cheese, then headed over to La Senza to get Liz her birthday gift.  We got Liz La Senza last year, and thought it would be a great idea to make it an annual thing for her birthday.

It had been 2 pm by the time we had finished up at the store, time we had to head back home as the kids were getting out of school by 2:40.  Liz and I walked up to meet the kids, then after we had gotten back to the house I got ready and headed back home by 3 pm.

The day most certainly had flown by.  I am so grateful to have such a wonderful daughter-in-law that I love very much.

Liz and Paul had finally received their Thank You Cards for their Wedding and I had gotten ours today:

I thought they turned out absolutely lovely.

Now for some Puppy Love:

This is Codder.  Codder was giving his sister some kissie loving yesterday.  Codder was one of two runts in his litter.  The other runt never made it, even after I had revived him with CPR, at 6 oz I am sure it was not meant to be.  Codder I personally fed all day that same day putting him back with his Mother the same night.  It was just enough to give him the extra boost he needed.  He might be the smallest, but he most certainly is feisty, and never mind so very cute too.

Portia's very demanding "one & only" puppy now has a name.  He will now forever be known as "Eddie" Lutz.  Eddie knows how to untie shoes, be very saucy and even rip up newspapers.  Lots of luck to Eddie's new Forever Home when they collect him next Friday .... *smile*.

Eddie has been weaned from Mama Portia.  Portia is now back upstairs with Rob, Bandit and I.  I forgot to put Portia in her crate when I was out with Lexus and Eddie late today.

The results I paid for ..... *sigh* never a dull moment in my life whether it be lack of sleep, minor disasters or mishaps.

Rob was at our Doctor today.  He has an appointment for a surgical consultation in London for the Month of June 2016.  Wow that sure is a long wait.  He received the paperwork today, so tomorrow I will phone to see if he can be put on a cancellation list.  One can only try.

Rob was very sweet to feed the puppies and look after all the adult Aussies today while I had a great day with our daughter-in-law.  Thanks honey I knew there was a reason I married more then for your good looks.

It warms my heart that we are able to be part of our Community in a positive way, and even more so to know we are appreciated ....

Other then being tired (what else is new), it has been a good day.

This is all she wrote, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Fodder and Eddie what great names! Maybe I will get to see them next weekend!

  2. Ok I really said CODDER bit must have hit the wrong key!

  3. Bit?? I've only have 2 glasses of wine but not sure my stylus is working! Lol


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