Friday, 19 June 2015

A Pretty Good Day

Last night my friend, Abby & I had ourselves a hoot at the Fundraiser, so much so Abby is looking forward to going again next year.  She had even tried her hand, or should I say "feet, at some square dancing.

Yes it had most certainly been a great Fundraiser last night at the Wiarton Propeller Club hosted by Julie Gamboa, Sue Given, BJ Guest, and Marg Tambling.
Everyone there had a "blast", not to mention lots of great snacks and beverages.
All proceeds will be going to the BPHS Foundation's "Walk to Create Possibilities"

Everyone got to see a bit what square dancing, Nia, VON, and lots of fun was about, and there had certainly been no lack of fun !

I had gotten home before 9:30 last night (I think).  I am not used to being out so late at night, unless I have been at a Chamber meeting of course.  It hadn't taken me long to hit the sack, sleeping until 5 am at least.

This morning I got going on stripping our bed, laundering the bedding and getting it hung out as it had been a lovely day.

I stopped myself to admire the Hostas out at the front of our house.  This is the largest they have been yet since first planting them a few years back.  Quite a show they are putting on now.

Rob and I actually got a couple of wee items organized out on the deck until he was called out.  Any little dent is at least a dent going forward I suppose.

I have been trying to make a point of going up to have lunch with my Mother every two weeks.  Today was one of those days.

Mom was happy to see me come in with a Tim Hortons coffee for her.  She loves her Timmies.  I took the first photo of her to send via text to 4 of her grandchildren, being Paul, Stacey, Jodi and Joanne.  
Yes we also had a nice lunch together although neither of us cared for the Potato Salad or even ate it, but the Cheese/Tomato Sandwich and Jello Parfait had been really good.

This afternoon I had a couple of errands downtown after I had my visit with Mom.  I stopped by the Wiarton Farmer's Market to pickup some fresh Green Pole Beans to go along with our Dinner this evening.

Rob grilled one of my most favourite Dinners, which is Lamb.  Yes I do love lamb.  This particular over the top marinade I had found HERE.  What I changed up was the fact I put it on the rack of lamb in a ziplock bag overnight in the fridge.  Rob grilled it to a  med-rare perfection, which had melted in my mouth.  The beans and asparagus were done to perfection as well after I had steamed them.

Two of my highlights today were being proud of my Paul sending a photo via text for me to show his Grandma along with an "I love You", and myself accomplishing almost 5 miles in steps today.

After Dinner my friend Lynn and I had done over 6,000 steps out for a walk.  It is so much nicer having a walking partner, or should I say a "human" walking partner, as I do have lots of Aussie walking partners.

It had been a pretty good day overall, although I always wish I could have accomplished more then I had.

Rob has had a busy day, just coming home now.  Think we will both be putting our feet up shortly here, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. you do sound so happy in this post. Glad those pockets of energy lasted all day!

  2. That is nice that you have a routine with your Mom like that! Walking with a friend, oh, how I miss that! Do you have a Fit bit?

  3. A very busy evening and day for you!

  4. I love getting out for walks but that is the one thing about them I don't like is that they take up a lot of time as opposed to running or biking. Good for you breaking 10,000 steps!!


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