Thursday, 17 October 2013

Doggie Parks & Turnip ?

Really my morning yesterday did not start out as good as it went on to be, as I had made myself a coffee first thing as usual, settling in to enjoy it while I did my social networking updates.  Halfway through the coffee I reached over to have myself another swallow to feel something between my teeth ... I spit into my hand to find it had been a DEAD FLY !

Omg, out into the kitchen it went and down the drain went the rest of my coffee !!  That was the end of coffee drinking right then and there at that moment.  I was fine until Rob called me and I was describing what had happened to me ... that was that, then came the dry heaves.  It really had not been a good start whatsoever.  Yech, yech, yech !!!  and a double big EWWWWW.

Back to a much better start with my coffee this morning, with hopes that never happens again.

Rob and I had an appointment in Owen Sound this morning.  Off we went to be over there by 9 am for when the First Choice Haircutters was open as Rob was in bad need of a hair cut.  While he was getting his hair "done", I was able to do a bit of shopping, managing to pick up a couple Christmas Gifts.  I pretty much think I have Christmas wrapped up already, other then a bit of this and that maybe and of course, Christmas Baking to be done.

When we got back into Wiarton I had received a "text" message from our pup's Forever Home to see if I could meet up with them at the Dog Park.  We had a bit of time, so off we went.

Rusty was having the time of his life with a couple of other Doggie Park "regulars".

Here is Rusty !  Other then apparently being pretty protective of his Forever Family towards other humans when first meeting them, Rusty is known to be quite the "smart" pup and absolutely loves other doggies to play with.  It is great to watch his progress since he is so close to us.

We finished with our doggie park visit then headed on back home.  

Last evening we had a local Wiarton Echo newspaper picked up for us by our driver as I had remembered I had been approached last week about my photos being used from the Food Bank Fundraiser Dinner on October 4th that I had the pleasure of being invited to by my friend, Gayle.  Of course I also wanted to see how well the fundraiser had done.

Hats off to Wiarton !!  Holy moly, $9,000.00 raised !!! that is beyond belief for a Community our size.  This just proves what I believe in ~ Unity Creates A Strong Community ~ with Wiarton once again proving this to be true.  Also it was nice to see Mandy Seboc's photo of Wiarton Willie was posted.  I believe she will honestly hold the title "Willie Whisperer", Mandy will.  *Smile*.

I was in total surprise to find my "Crabby Cabbie" had also made our local paper.  Thank you Wiarton Echo, this indeed was a most pleasant surprise.  Also I could not help but notice Gateway Haven's Annual Bazaar is just around the corner.  I attended to this same Bazaar a couple of years ago and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  

Unfortunately there had been a disappointment this day.  I had made chicken broth yesterday, so today when in Owen Sound we had stopped into the No Frills grocery store to pickup a turnip as I wanted some to put in the Turkey Soup I am making tomorrow.

Rob peeled and sliced it for me to find it was "bad" inside.  It is almost appears as if it had been previously frozen and was rotting from the inside, out  This turnip at .57 cents a lb., almost cost me $3.00.  With produce being "In-Season" and supposedly local and fresh in the stores at this time of year, this had been a definite disappointment.  It is also being definitely returned when I am back over that way next.

The *sad* part about all of this was we drove by the farm fresh Dunkeld Turnip Waxing Factory the other week and missed stopping to get some there.  *Sigh* can't always think of everything, this I know, but a whole bag would have only cost $5.00 !!!  Hopefully we will be back down again that way sooner then later.

Did I manage to get anything done at home today other then a few dishes washed up?

Since this Autumn Clematis is quite aggressive by branching off with runners to re-plant itself, I actually got the one in the left picture all cut back this afternoon while out with Mercedes and Bandit.

Bandit and Mercedes had no problem amusing themselves while I work away at the clematis.  So much to get done inside and out, with no time to get at it most days. 

I think we have all felt like this sometime, or another in our lives, have we not?

All in all it had been a good day, other then seemingly going by me way too fast, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. I managed to get my tender bulbs all pulled and brought indoors, the garlic bed cleaned up ready to go for another year. The three dogs had a good romp in the woods while we pulled out more of that dead maple for NEXT winters burn. The shepherd came in with another #$%^ tick on his ear. This is getting really annoying! They have all been treated with Revolution a week ago but it doesn't seem to be helping the tick issue at all.

  2. I often find fruit and veg going off too soon, and say I think it's been frozen. What aren't they telling us?
    Chris sympathises over the fly ...he had one once...dry heaves all night.
    Jane x

  3. Definitely a bad experience with coffee!

    The dogs in the park look adorable!

  4. OH NO! A fly in your coffee??? I would have yakked fer sure. *shudders*
    On a more positive note, your photos in the Wiarton paper look AWESOME!!!! Good for you!

  5. Oh, and that's one of my favourite songs in the world.

  6. Did you say you were done Christmas shopping? I have to get through a church bazaar and Himself's birthday before I can seriously think about it.

  7. Double ewwww for sure on that fly!!! Congrats on your photons in the paper...good job! Good advertising to have Crabby Cabbie article in the paper too. Take care of yourself, dear friend!


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