Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Beyond Busy & Back Again

What time would I have been awake this morning?  I am thinking it was before 4 am.  Where did my day go from there?  well of course I got up at 5 am.

I worked for my Rob today as he was to be getting himself some rest.  How much rest did he get?  I am thinking not as much as he should have, since he was gone with our driver at 6:30 am to go get a Crabby Cabbie vehicle filled with fuel, pay our fuel bill, and drop a bill off to our Customer.

I was fairly busy this morning.  I also had to drop around to a customer I had driven yesterday, as she had overpaid me by $20.00.  Since she had paid with new $20 dollar bills they had stuck together.  She was very surprised at my honesty at returning the money to her.  I suppose honesty must be a rare trait now a days.  Really I have to be Honest, as I really could not live with myself if I wasn't, and really would not be able to sleep at night.

After lunch there had been a real lull, with only one call to pickup someone from our local Hospital to take them back to their home.

Late this afternoon I started tackling three months of book work.  I managed to organize the month of August by getting it all in order.  Two more months to go before I then get to enter it all into the Ledger ... grrrr, have I ever mentioned before how much I DISLIKE book work??????  Maybe just a couple of times.

My "highlight" today?  A couple minutes of peace overlooking ....

Colpoy's Bay.  A one minute drive from where we live.  I could have stayed there many minutes more then the couple I had.

Another "highlight" of my day that I just had minutes ago was the photos my Son, Paul, just emailed me from East Kootney, British Columbia.

Now seeing these photos I am kind of regretting at times not taking them up on their offer of going along with them, however I think I would much rather be with my husband on my first trip out to British Columbia, if that time ever comes.  Breathtaking is it not?

I felt I was beyond busy today, had a bit of a break after lunch then was right back at being busy again the rest of my day.  And my house looks like a disaster ! really needing everything, and I mean everything done (other then I did do 2 loads of laundry and got them hung on the line, and the dishes are done up).

Oh yes, I did have a really good laugh also today, at the expense of my friend, Holly.  I stopped in to have a wee chat with her, and on my way out she had made a "blooper" comment.  I am so happy I am not the only one who has weird things come out from my mouth when I am tired. Thanks Holly for the chuckle, as I really needed it today.

I do not know if I can say "tired", but I most can say "here I come bed", "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. After a day like yours I would be knackered ! Lovely photos . Now get some rest and have a good evening !

  2. I've been in BC, and it is breathtaking indeed. I do love that view of the bay!

    And those new twenties, and the rest, do have that annoying tendency....

  3. OMG Cindy! You only live a few minutes from pure beauty! Just breath taking:) My mom always said I had sea water running through my veins because I love water..I could sit and stare out over the water for hours:) Lynn

  4. I wish I had a view like this to enjoy after a long day...I do have mountains too though :)

  5. I totally agree with you about not being able to live with yourself! Honesty is an underrated virtue Cindy. Having said that, my partner found someone's i-phone in a pile of mud by the side of the road last year and managed to work out whose it was as it still had some battery left. He managed to email the guy who sent him his address and we posted it back to him. Three days later we received £30.00 in a card, so some people do appreciate it!

    1. It is so beautiful outside now. The temperatures wonderful adn the trees just beautiful. Too bad you are stuck inside HAVING to do book work! Right! I hate the end of the month and doing bookwork. Darn that old government!

  6. Good for you for returning that $20.00. I know what you mean by not living with yourself when you do not do the right thing. Sometimes I wonder how people can be so dishonest. I am sure the lady was very delighted and also a whole lot surprised. That is what makes people want to be so kind to you Cindy. Hope to see you next weekend at the big Open House at DeJong Acres. We are just home from the Maritimes which we loved hugely and now those pictures make me think we should head out west as well.


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