Wednesday, 30 October 2013

A New Hat To Wear

Last night was again not a very restful evening.  My day today, not as eventful as I had it planned out in my mind, as far as housework goes.

Today I, once again, found myself doing what I have been finding myself doing more often then naught, being covering for my dear "Crabby Cabbie".  What I did find time to do this afternoon was something I have had on my mind to do since processing all these pie pumpkins the past couple of days, that being making a batch of Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies.  

Yes, Chocolate and Pumpkin does go together quite amazingly well together.  I was also much more fun to make cookies then to do housework, or dreaded "Crabby Cabbie" paperwork.

Chocolate meets Pumpkin filled batter.  Cooled Chocolate Chip Pumpkin cookies meets Cookie Tin.

This Rose adorned cookie tin belonged to my Mother.  I would hate to have to take a guess on how old this lovely tin is.  It is one of my favourite of the two I still have in my possession of my Mother's.  Both tins held many of a Christmas Cookie in them made by my Mother, the recipe being my Paternal Grandmother's.

 ..... Sweet Memories, very sweet indeed.

Pumpkin & Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe please?  PRINTABLE RECIPE *CLICK* HERE.

How did I spend my evening? it was not spent in the kitchen preparing Dinner for myself and my "Crabby Cabbie" husband, Rob, but attending a Wiarton Chamber of Commerce Meeting.   I now have a "New Hat to Wear", since I was inducted as a Board Member for the Wiarton Chamber this evening.

What "hat" will I wear on this board?  I will continue to update the Wiarton Facebook page, since setting it up in May of this Year, as well working on drumming up new Chamber Memberships.  Are you interested in learning more on being a Chamber Member?  please let me know as I would love to drop around a package to you.

To this evenings meeting I took along the Rose adorned tin of Chocolate Chip Pumpkin cookies, and happily returned home with an empty tin.  Truly they are a very good cookie I am sure you will find out when you make them yourself.

How am I now after a long day behind me?  a sinus headache menacing me, my neck feeling like it is ready to snap, and very very tired.  How am I feeling in my mind about this past day? very grateful that I am alive and well enough to have lived it as full as I could.

What made me smile this day? this did ....

What really spoke to me this day?  Thanks to Queen of Your Own Life, this did ...

On that note, I think I need to love myself by getting "me" to bed for some much needed rest, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Strangely, I can see the taste of pumpkin and chocolate working very well together.

  2. Congrats on your new adventure, I know you will have fun and bring lots of energy to the group!!

  3. Pumpkin and chocolate - I would never have thought of that, Cindy! See you soon, I hope

  4. I agree about pumpkin & chocolate! I also agree that baking cookies is much more fun than doing housework. Ha!
    Thank you for linking these cookies, Cindy--perfect for fall.


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