Friday, 25 October 2013

A Good Day This Day

This morning I was awake just before the alarm went off before 5:55 am.  This made me feel good.  The kiss my husband gave me before heading out for work made me feel good.  The looks and kisses I got from each of our four Aussies made me feel good.

I headed North of the Checkerboard on a mission to pickup an Exercise Bicycle "Free to Good Home" from one place, as well as some Yarn from another place, before going to my bi-weekly scheduled Doctor's appointment was making me feel good.

Driving and taking it all in this morning really made me feel good.  Is it not  beautiful?  (Auntie Gladys & Uncle do you recognize where I was from the bottom photo?).

I had wonderful in and out breathes when I took these lovely billowing clouds all in which made me feel good.

After I had collected the two "Free" items to a good home, I carried on to my Doctor's appointment.  The results were in from the Cat Scan I had for my Nose/Sinus, showing something "abnormal".  This will be further addressed by the Ear/Throat/Nose Specialist I go see in November.  I got my usual shot in the arm for my allergy which was good, and then in the "other arm" my Flu Shot.  

The Flu Shot into my muscle did NOT make me feel good !!! 

Once I got back home I was, once again for the 5th time this week (but who is counting) I was handed over the "Crabby Cabbie" phone ... *sigh*, I am such a dedicated loving committed wife, am I not?  Pat on back.

I had to head downtown to drop off the application for The "Crabby Cabbie" to go into Wiarton's Christmas Parade this Year.  Applications were to be dropped off at Gilbert's Shoes.

When in at Gilbert's Shoes, I was very happy Louise shared one of her Lowry Maraschino Cherries with me ... I LOVE me Chocolate Covered Maraschino Cherries !!!  This made me feel good.

With no calls coming my way, I headed back home to let out the Aussies and do some paperwork that needed attending to.  Finally after the lunch hour I received a call ... off I went downtown again.  Since I had to wait for my fare to finish up I had some time to put in ....

I took advantage of my "Crabby Cabbie" down time, by taking in a couple of things that are upcoming downtown Wiarton at the St. John's United Church, as well as the Legion Member selling Remembrance Day Poppies.  The upcoming St. John's Events? the Christmas Bazaar makes me feel good as I LOVE them, and I KNOW the Turkey Dinner would make my Auntie Gladys feel really GOOD, as she really LOVES Turkey Dinners (as does my Rob) !!!  Remembrance Day should make us all feel GOOD for what our Veterans gave for us.

I did get another "Crabby Cabbie" fare.  This one was another of our regular customers, who is an eighty-four year old "upbeat" lady.  Once I arrived at her home to drop her off we must have sat and talked for at least 15 minutes or so.  She got out and said to me, "thank you for the girl talk".  This made me feel good.

Still with a bit of extra time on my hands, I headed on over to Mary Weir's home.

Mary used to doing sewing, and I loved taking to her the bit of sewing I had needing done for my Mother from time to time.  Mary also does quilting, and knits items to be sold at her Church's Christmas Bazaar, which is the Frank Street Baptist Church, the same our Grandboys go to VBS when they come visit in the Summer.  Mary had relayed to me in one of our discussions that the price of Yarn was getting way to expensive to buy now a days.

I took the huge garbage bag plus of Yarn over to Mary's today, which made her not only very surprised but one very happy lady.  I was fortunate enough to be shown what Mary had already knitted in the way of socks, slippers and toques for their upcoming Church Bazaar on the 9th of November.  I really loved the apron Mary had sewn also for the Bazaar.  This one she was modelling for me was one of two she had made.

Making someone happy made me feel good.  How could it not?  I love love love making someone else feel good when I can.

Once I had gotten my first fare back home from town, I got to return home for the remainder of the day myself, as our Wiarton Driver had returned to takeover from me.  Phew .. cause I had to dust 1/4 inch of dust off the furniture in our bedroom and get the bed made if nothing else got done this day (which it didn't).

My hubby got home at a fairly descent hour today, and took us for a $5.00 Sub at Wiarton's Subway.  This made me feel really good as I only had to heat up some homemade soup to go along with it for our Dinner, and there were minimal dishes to be done up afterwards.

It was a GOOD day this day, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. You really do keep busy!

    The last time I took a flu shot, it went bad on me, to say the least. Not again.

  2. By the way: the dogs are back in my blog tomorrow....

  3. Wow that is a great way to start the morning. I am happy to see there is more "feel goods" than "feel bads" I do hope all is well when you go to specialist don't worry I am sure it is something simple.
    Mary is a wonderful talented lady and I would have visited with her too.
    Helping others makes me feel good too. That is what life is all about isn't it:) Take care and have a nice weekend. You are in for a "feel good" weekend I just know it. Oh by the way not fair with the chocolate covered cherry I am drooling:) Hugs B


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