Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Spiders Coming Out of the Woodwork ! Someone Save Me !

I absolutely "hate" spiders, regardless if they are one of God's creatures or not, they "cringe" me right out ! 

Going out the back laundry room door yesterday there was a huge black spider with long black hair (even all over her legs, guess she ran out of razor blades?) that I had to dispose of, and just now one crawling up the wall right under my nose.  Do they not realize how much they do "cringe" me out?

I know, I know, spiders eat dirty old flies and I am sure some other bugs that I wouldn't like either, but why do they look so creepy, is beyond me.  At least my phobia with spiders isn't as bad as it used to be.  Not too many years ago, if there was a spider on the bedroom ceiling, for example, poor Rob would be woken up out of dead sleep having to get up to dispose of the "thing".  I just couldn't help it.....scary to me, the thought of it dropping into my bed and biting me.  Oh Man !!!!

Enough about spiders, as the one that was in the wall in front of me, has been smashed and disposed of via Kleenex down into the bowels of the septic system.  Don't get me started on Cockroaches any time soon!

Rob had a day off yesterday, so he took full advantage of the weather by getting a few more outside chores accomplished.  He also took the whelping pen in the basement apart and out, as well as taking the area carpets down to the car wash to get washed and rinsed. 

I managed to get a small grid cleaned in the basement where the whelping pen was removed, and hopefully can work at the basement little by little to get it more organized once again.

It is really tough trying to get those extra jobs done, in between the regular everyday chores.  *Sigh*   What gets done gets done, and what doesn't doesn't, I suppose.  I am sure there is some type of "saying" that comes to peoples minds that would cover this dilemma I feel I am in most times.   Like "Rome wasn't built in a day", or something like that.

Once summer time arrives there is so much more to do outside.  Who wants to be stuck indoors when we have done that for six months of the year already!  I just need to remind myself I can only do so much for so long and if someone doesn't like it, "there is the door, don't let it hit you on the way out"!  Now there is an old saying, and a funny one too!  Rob & I usually have fun with that saying between ourselves at times.  LOL.

I am pretty excited about attending the VON (Victorian Order of Nurses) Grey-Bruce Caregiver Support Circle ~ Bruce Peninsula Information & Education Series starting tomorrow afternoon.  This is for people caring for an adult with a long-term condition, where you learn about:

~  Managing stressful situations in caregiving
~  Staying on top of your care situtation
~  Tackling some of the common emotions:  guilt and anger
~  Community resources to help you.

I certainly wish at times I had known the VON offered this a couple of years ago, however I am grateful for knowing about it now, as I hope I can benefit from this series, as I certainly feel I need to.

It is very very difficult to have one's parent reside with you.  In speaking to others, one being a Registered Nurse, that have taken on the care of a parent, they have stated how difficult it is to care for one's own parent, and it is best not to take on the challenge.  It is very difficult when most of us think with our heart's and not our heads at times.

If I knew then what I know now, comes to mind.  It is not only a difficult transition for the child, but for the parent as I well know.  Unless there is lots of family support, outside support and lots & lots of open unjudgmental communitcation, I would not recommend a child take in their parent to live with them.

I realize there is sometimes situations where it might not be avoided, and family has to have a parent live with them.  However, should this happen, seek out the VON Support Circle, the Alzeimer's Society Group, request all you can from the CCAC Caseworker......as much of the information and/or support I have just recently been finding out available to me, was not just dumped into my lap.  This is information, as I have already stated, could have been used by myself long before now.

Not to dwell on things I cannot change, I am grateful to now be going to the VON's Information & Education Series to learn and meet people in like situations (as there is times, as we all know, we feel like we are the only ones going through our own situations, or I certainly do anyway).

Stayed tuned....for further information, as it does start tomorrow afternoon, and runs for four (4) weeks.  Should anyone need support for themselves, contact a local VON office in your area at the following website link:


I must check out today's weather, since the Thunderstorm warning in our area has been cancelled, to see what is in store for the day ahead.


Cloudy. 60 percent chance of showers early this morning with risk of a thunderstorm. Clearing this morning. Wind south 20 km/h becoming light this morning. High 27. UV index 8 or very high.


Cloudy periods. 30 percent chance of showers overnight with risk of a thunderstorm. Low 21.

Oh man, will our garden ever get dry enough for Rob to til it and plant it????  If it ever does, I am thinking I won't be putting much in this year that is forsure.

Oh last night's supper?  Rob & I had the most wonderful supper out with my cousin, Brad, and his wife, Paula, last night.  We met up here at our place, where Paula and I exchanged some more perinniels, and then went on into Owen Sound for Chinese at the King's Buffet.  Um mm, was it ever good.  I am sure not one of us four went away being dissatisfied. 

I am hoping the risk of thunderstorm, and 60 percent chance of showers is wrong today, as I haven't done laundry since last week, and boy does it pile up fast with bedding and such.

Here I go, once again, into another new day, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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