Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away & Please Take the Migraine Headache With You?

The weatherman is forecasting rain for the "whole" week ahead, so I wish it would get started now the garden is planted, and get over with it while taking this Migraine headache along with it. 

The rain was to begin here yesterday afternoon; however the only thing that arrived here was a migraine headache which still hasn't departed.  Oh it subsided a bit after a prescription migraine medication was consumed, only to arrive back on my doorstep at 3:00 a.m. again.  *Sigh*  I suppose I should be trying another one of those pills before it gets full blown and I find myself bedridden for the rest of the day.

Okay pill taken, as I don't want to find myself back in bed or at the hospital with an intravenous drip of Torodol attached to my wrist.  The poor people that suffer with the pressures of tumours on the brain and whatnot, I can't imagine what they go through.  Such is life at times with these things we have no understanding of, which is left to something greater then we will ever be able to comprehend.

Let`s take a look at how long us poor migraine sufferers will be subject to the rising barometer.


A mix of sun and cloud. 30 percent chance of showers early this morning. High 25. UV index 9 or very high.


Cloudy. Showers or thunderstorms beginning late this evening. Wind becoming southeast 20 km/h after midnight. Low 15

There it is, whether it arrives or not this morning is quite another matter.  Looking ahead it appears there is to be rain in the forecast right until next Monday, but we well know the Weather Man has been wrong before, has he not !  Okay enough of that stuff, onto something more interesting and fun stuff.

Yesterday my cousin, Vi, and her husband, Ross, brought me a truckload of plants.  Why I didn't take a picture is quite beyond me, as it was really a "truckload" with a Yucca plant ending up to be several plants after being divided, about seven other potted perennials, and literally a wheelbarrow full of chicken & hens ! 

We dumped it all under the shade of the Maple tree beside the deck, as we certainly had no time to attend to all that since we had made reservations for lunch at a local restaurant.

"There is the back end of Rob, ever so courteous by letting the out of towners enter first."

"Not quite sure if Rob & Ross were discussing if they should arm wrestle over the bill or not?"

I have always found the Green Door Cafe in Wiarton to be my first choice of restaurant.  Since it is quite tiny, I would always recommend a reservation be made.  We were informed by our waitress, also the owner's wife, they have 51 weddings booked to cater to this year, with 11 already under wrap.  Definitely worth a try should you be venturing up the Bruce Peninsula anytime throughout the year.

Rob helped me, later in the day, plant the Yuccas.  He had to till up part of the vegetable garden to place them in for now until we have a chance to dig up a new garden in the front yard for them.  Funny we have been talking about putting a garden in this one area of our front yard for a number of years now, so maybe this is just the push we needed to get it done.

"Hoping this one will still bloom after all the shock it has been through with the move from Port Elgin to Wiarton."

"Can't believe how many plants there were once divided !"

"Was admiring how nice the flowerbed was filling in around the pond while I was out there taking pictures this morning."

"I also couldn't resist taking a picture of my most favorite Iris."

Lots of work to do when you have a home.  Never time for an idle mind or idle hands should you not ever want.  At looking at a couple of these pictures, I am thinking it would be nice if the lawn was cut before the rain arrived, but then again I am also thinking it can wait until another day.....lol.

Our son, Paul's youngest boy, Connor Preston, is celebrating his 4th Birthday today, and entering into Junior Kindergarten already this upcoming fall !  Wow !!! 

"Connor's 3rd Birthday Picture."

Sometimes they appear to look so totally mature and beyond their age in some of their pictures.

I think I am "blogged" out at the moment, and off & NOT running, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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