Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Pictureless With Barely A Note At Hand.

Here I sit, my 101st day of "blogging", with nary a picture or note at hand.  I feel like I am almost at an absolute loss.  For those who personally know me, will be finding it difficult to believe I am at such a loss.

*Sigh*  I am thinking I would love to know what an eight hour refreshing sleep feels like, as well as what it would feel like to get up first thing without a "pinch" of nagging pain somewhere in my body.  I do realize positive thinking gets one through these shallow feelings, but we do all have our days.

I do know I am very fortunate to have a husband that mostly supports my good days, as well as the bad days.  Rob is my best friend.  It is nice when you and your best friend compliment and offset each other; even though it isn't always like this, as we have most certainly have those "off" days, it is nice to know at the end of the day that we have each other.

Rob drives me nuts some days, as I am sure I drive him there too.  Rob can be silly, smart, a hard worker, a master of the TV's remote control, ingenious (most days), resourceful, loving (even though I think I should be kissed more then every time he is to walk out the door), and most of all he loves me, and I feel his love.  This is the most important part of our relationship, the part of feeling the love for each other, even after 17 years of being a couple.

This feeling of "love" is something I have found myself day dreaming about from a very young age, from feeling envious when watching a love story, to watching a mature couple walk down the street holding hands.  I have looked upon these things throughout my life and "thought", this is what I want for myself.  I actually believe in my heart and feel in my soul every day that my dream has come true with what Rob & I now have together.

Even though it isn't always as "perfect" as it is in the movies, the love is "real".  What more could a gal wish for then her husband not only loves her, but is her best friend as well?

I really must remember to bring all these thoughts and truths back to mind, real quick, for when we have one of those "off" days !  LOL

I just realized this upcoming weekend is the Annual Chi-Cheemaun Festival in Tobermory (that would be located a the very Northern tip of the Checkerboard, by the way).   I just realized I do have pictures from last year's event when we attended !!!  Yeah.....

"The Chi-Cheemaun coming in to land".

"The hatch starting to be raised for vehicles to be let out when docked".

"Closer to the unloading ramp".

"Rob & Walter puzzled over, "who knows what"?"  *LOL*

"There was a great turnout of both Antique and Classic Cars, as well as motorcycles".

I am hoping the weather is great this Saturday, as Rob & I certainly enjoyed ourselves at last year's event.  If you should find yourself looking for something to do this weekend, come on along North of the Checkerboard to Tobermory. 

Link to the 2011 Annual Chi-Cheemaun Festival:


Oh by the way, for those of us who do not know, Chi-Cheemaun means "The Big Canoe" in the Ojibway Native language.  Cool, eh?

Never mind hoping for the weather to be good for this upcoming Saturday, I am hoping for it to be good for today, so let me have a look see.


Sunny. High 21. UV index 8 or very high.


Clear. Low 9.

Whoopee, look at that forecast!  Sure hope you have it right Wiarton Airport, as I am counting on it.

There look at that, I managed to clear my sleep deprived brain & actually do a not half so bad #101 Blog for the day, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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