Friday, 24 June 2011

Not Going To Let The Rain Dampen My Spirits For The Weekend Ahead !

Arose to one very damp, wet and drizzly morning here, with another headache on the way and a stiffness that I am sure will take me into tomorrow to get worked out, LOL. 


Showers. High 17. UV index 3 or moderate.


Cloudy with 60 percent chance of showers. Low 12.

There it is, in black and white, more showers.  I am just now reminding myself, once again, how happy I am it is not snow flurries, so I am feeling much better about the showers now.

I am not letting the weather get the best of me and dampen my spirits for the upcoming weekend, as my "Rip-tail Snorters" are arriving today !!!  All three of them !!!  Paul, Aiden & Connor.  I do look forward to my son's visits, along with his boys, as it puts a tickle in my tummy, and a visit with them has been long past due.

I had a very busy day yesterday, by first off having my mammogram done, which obviously I survived with a only a little discomfort.  I am sure the amount of discomfort comes with whoever the person is that is operating the machinery, as two years ago I had tears teaming down my face.  Oh well, it is necessary and over with for another year !  Thank Goodness !

Since I was in Owen Sound, I took advantage by picking up a few items at Giant Tiger and the No Frills Store.  Also my Aunt Gladys happened to be over there as well for an appointment, so it just happened to work out we were able to "hook up" to have a coffee together.

We actually went to McDonald's for coffee, who have any size of drink for $1.00 all summer.  To be quite honest I preferred their coffee over a Tim Horton's coffee at a price of $1.80 or so?  I can remember when my boys were small, living close by to a McDonald's in Kitchener, they used to have the worse coffee ever !  What a difference from then to now!  More then likely one of their best improvements, ha, ha, ha, as I certainly have never cared for their food too much.

By the time I got home and got the groceries put away it was going on to 1:30 p.m..  I had strawberries in the fridge that most certainly were calling my name to be used up, so IKE and I got right on that.

"Um mm, nothing like fresh Strawberry Yogurt Muffins right out of the oven."

Rob was in and out with work all day, with the one time calling up to me to come see the flowers that had just bloomed that day.

"The first Clematis of the season appeared on our vines, much to both our delight".

Later in the day, as I was looking out our bedroom window, which looks toward the south out towards the pond and vegetable gardens, I then noticed a couple more displays of  beauty.

"The beginning of a Chinese Poppy flower that is going to be soon presenting her beauty."

"Beauty in my eyes by seeing the flowers started on the Zucchini plants, as they are one of my most favorite veggies."

I must admit I am so glad nobody was around when I ventured out into the garden to take this picture, as with all the rain we have been having lately, I sunk 2 inches into the muck, and surely would not have gotten back out if I hadn't been wearing sandals.  What a visual that must have been, and thank goodness my sandals wash off so well, lol !

Much later in my day, more around the time after we had our supper of Roast Beef, tomato and cucumber sandwiches, I sat down to read and answer a few emails.  In answering one email, I was giving a suggestion to, I thought, "what the heck, a picture is worth a thousand words", so I sent along these pictures with an explanation (but not exactly this explantion I am sure, lol).

"This new clematis that was planted last year was top heavy; my sister, Donna, suggested I use the clips she bought for me to remedy this matter."

"Clips placed around vine and attached to the trellis."

"Clips, in two different sizes, can be purchased at a Dollar Store for probably $2.00 or less."

Wow, what would we ever do without Dollar Stores, or for that matter what would I ever do without my sister, Donna, and her fantastic purchases and suggestions !  I also got to share it all with someone else that hopefully will benefit from this little bit of knowledge.

 Wouldn't it be nice to have a "Crop Harvest Calander" that we can browse at anytime to remind us when a local fruit or vegetable comes into season?  I thought so and just happened to find one.  There is everything from canning, to recipes, to dates of local Ontario events.......check it out, I found it to be very informative and interesting.

A website well worth pinning to your favorites.

Since I am on topic about vegetables and fruits, the Eat Right Ontario website provides lots of informative topics from Digestive Health to Menu Planning.  Another worthwhile website to have pinned to your favorites.

Eat Right Ontario can provide answers to any questions we might have on Nutrition and Healthy Living.  As I have said, well worth the "browse".

Since I have my one rather large, and two smaller versions of rip-tail snorters landing in here around suppertime today, as well as a trip North of the Checkerboard this morning to get my weekly allergy shot, I best be getting a dangle on here.

Here I go, once again, off and running, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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