Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Hopefully The Toad Will Take Up Permanent Residence !

The Wiarton Airport's Weather forecast was certainly correct yesterday, as we certainly had our "first" Heat Wave of the year.  Ummm, what could possibly be in store for today?


Sunny. Wind southwest 20 km/h gusting to 40 becoming west 50 gusting to 70 this afternoon. High 18. UV index 8 or very high.


Clear. Wind west 30 km/h becoming light this evening. Wind becoming northwest 20 before morning. Low 6.

It is pretty windy out there right now.  By the looks of this forecast it appears it is going to stay that way, but there is going to be "sunshine" !!!!  Yeah !!!

Phew....I was glad to get out front to finish off the other half of the flower bed yesterday morning, before the sun hit the front of the house later in the day.

Almost, but not quite finished.  Rob wasn't home at this time to do the edging for me, however it will get done soon enough I am sure about that.  LOL

I was amazed that almost overnight the apple tree's blooms came out in full force:

It must have been all the heat and humidity.  What a beautiful showing of bloom though.  Um mm, lots of apples this year I hope?

Just before lunch I was out on the deck, just off our diningroom.   I couldn't believe my eyes when I seen a toad had taken up residence in our pond, having himself a morning swim, until he decided to take a little rest.  First time I had ever noticed a toad in our pond.

Really, there is a real toad in this picture, right beside the little rock having a rest; "click" on the photo to enlarge it so you can really, really see him.  I surely hope he sticks around, as he will do good to eat up the mosquito larva I am sure.

It was really too hot the rest of the day to do much of anything else.  Bandit, Lexus and the "One & Only" puppy had it pretty good in a nice cool basement, with them having to only go out into the heat periodically throughout the day.  Other then driving up North of the Checkerboard to get my weekly allergy shot, I didn't accomplish much of anything other then only that for the afternoon.

I did however hear from my sister, Jeanne, who I was so waiting to hear from all day long.  Her husband, our dear brother-in-law, Cecil, had gone in for surgery that morning.  Jeanne, as soon as she found out, called to tell me the surgery was successful, but it had taken longer then expected, as they had to take him back in after taking x-rays, finding they had left a "sponge" in him.  Oh my dear, I could not believe my ears when she told me this, especially in this day and age with all the "precautions" they are to be taking!!!  Unbelievable !!! 

Regardless I was most relieved that Cecil is doing fine and will be recovering for the next ten days at the Hospital, where I hope he is going to be receiving the best care they can possibly provide him with.  Our prayers, along with many others, were there with them all along the way.

After a "wonderful" barbecued chicken supper (thanks Rob), served alongside new red potatoes, baby carrots and sliced tomatoes, we took our coffee out on the side deck to enjoy a warm southerly breeze.

Once coffee was done and over with, Rob got the hose going to water the poor "heat" shocked flower beds.  Poor plants didn't get a chance to adjust themselves to the heat since it had come on so fast.

While Rob was busying himself with that, I was having myself a "chuckle" over Lexus being skeptical about the piece broken off the bird bath:

After Bandit went over to see what all her "fuss" was about, Lexus seemed to think it was "okay" then.  LOL.   Silly, silly girl she is.

The next couple of days ahead of me, I am going to find myself "quite" busy, and may not have time for my daily "blog".   Like I said, it will be for only a couple of days then I will be back in full force "blogging" once again, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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