Saturday, 11 June 2011

At Long Last The Garden Has Been Tilled ! Whooohooooo!

Finally and most definitely the garden has been tilled, at long last.  I really was getting discouraged and of the opinion there was not going to be a garden this year.

Yesterday morning, I heard the sound of a motor, and upon looking out there was my Dear Rob hard at it behind the rototiller.  Notice the "dear" part, but then again I am sure his heart was in it, as he enjoys the fresh radishes, zucchini, beans and potatoes right out of the garden as much as I do.

"This was hard work even for an old Farm Boy"

"The finished product of hard work".

Now the next guess will be when it will get planted?  LOL, never ending, but then again we do have to rely on the weather for these things.

"Tomato & Zucchini plants all ready to go".



Cloudy with sunny periods. A few showers beginning late this morning and ending late this afternoon. Clearing late this afternoon. Risk of thunderstorms this afternoon. High 18. UV index 3 or moderate.


A few clouds. Increasing cloudiness before morning. Low 9.

Actually Wiarton Airport's weather report for the upcoming day is looking like it is somewhat sitting on the fence again.

Nothing in the weather department will be surprising me much when I am taking pictures of the bush on today's date of June 11th before 6:00 am. and.......

"Would it not appear this picture was taken in the Fall, and not first thing this morning?'

It does makes me wonder what the rest of the year ahead will be like.  I cringe at the thought of Winter, and we haven't even made it to Summer yet !

With the mixture of rain, hot humid, and cool days, my flower beds seem to be flourishing and filling in with no problems.

My dear Rob, aka "Crabby Cabbie" is sound asleep, but managed to come home this morning at about 1:30, instead of 3:30 a.m..  I think I will let him sleep as he might have a busy day and evening ahead of him today.  After plugging through that garden with the tiller yesterday, I am sure his body could use the rest.  I also am thinking the more sleep he can get, the less "crabby" he might be?  LOL

I did make Rob quite happy by making homemade potato salad and slow cooker ribs for our supper last night, so that should hold him for a little bit.

I have company arriving this morning; someone I have not seen for four years, and I am pretty excited about their arrival.  Since I did pick up some strawberries at the store yesterday, I am planning on making a Strawberry Rhubarb pie especially for my company.

I suppose I should get off my "duff" and start the process of getting it made and into the oven, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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