Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Made It Through

I made it through this day, by the skin of my teeth I am sure, but still I made it.  I managed to get a very small grid cleaned up today, and a couple of items I sold as well.

These two areas only need to be washed down now as they have been dusted and vacuumed.  The Rattan Table, as well as a plant stand I sold on a swap this morning.  I have little by little begun the chore of removing clutter from my life (again), however until I start feeling better it will take some time to happen since I am SO BEHIND.

Aiden and Connor are at Liz and Paul's for this week.  Liz and her cousin, Vivi, were out to a mall today and were very very brave as you can see by this photo Vivi took of Liz with ...

.... six children !  they most certainly were very very brave in my books.  Good job Vivi & Liz !!!  Truly though they are all pretty good kids.

This afternoon I slept AGAIN.  Regardless I am happy I accomplished something rather then nothing at all.

Tomorrow is Canada Day, July 1st.  Do you celebrate?  we will wait until all the kids come up and do some fireworks with them, as it is more fun then just Rob and I.  Hopefully by that time the mosquitoes will not be so bad as they are now.

Time to sign off for now with hopes of an even better day tomorrow, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. I am going to be downtown in Ottawa tomorrow going slightly bonkers among the crowds. Have a great Canada Day!

  2. do as little as possible for the next week or so, so you build up enough energy for the wedding..........


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