Monday, 1 June 2015

Frustration Plus !

What do you not want to deal with when you are so tired you barely know your name?  frustration plus dealing with a Customer Service Rep, or two,  at Bell Canada.  How many times to how many people can one person explain in one, or two, days of calling Bell ????

First of all when you have called a week prior to make a simple request to have your residence telephone line disconnected as you no longer use it to find out not only your phone was disconnected 3 days later that you also had NO INTERNET service !

After returning home from a day trip away to Kitchener Saturday, I then had spent two hours on the phone with Bell finally getting my Wifi working again, and to be told my PC was not their problem.  OMG I explained my PC had been working fine up until they had made changes on their end.  He would not listen to me, was very rude, so I just thanked him and disconnected our call.

Today I needed to do the month end billing to realize I still had no Internet at my PC which I desperately needed.  Another phone call to Bell this morning lasting almost another 2 hours.  In that time span I spoke to 3 different people.  My Internet problem on my PC? after going through an hour of trouble shooting was the matter of pushing in the reset button on the Modem.  ARGGGGGGG ! truly if I hadn't been so exhausted I would have screamed.

The billing? it never got done today as after I had gotten off the phone it was time for me to get ready then head downtown to meet up with my Cousins and Auntie Gladys for a Birthday luncheon for my Cousin Suzanne.

My poor cousin, Suzanne ... I caught her enjoying a mouthful of the Licorace Babies I had gotten for her.  Auntie Glady had even found a 65th Birthday sticker for the envelope of the card she had given Suzanne.  Lunch for a couple of us had been a very yummy Chicken Slovakia.  Alas the only photo I got today of Auntie Gladys was of the necklace our Grandpa (her father) had gifted Grandma when they first married.  A peaceful thought thinking our Grandma was with us this day.  Yes we all met for lunch at everyones favourite spot at the Green Door Cafe, downtown Wiarton.

After lunch Suzanne, Vi, Auntie Gladys and I headed up the street to Josie's of Wiarton as Vi was looking for new slacks, and Suzanne something for an upcoming Wedding.

Suzanne didn't find anything, however Vi got a lovely pair of slacks that fit like a glove.

Despite how tired I was I always enjoy being out with my family.  Ross since I know you read my blog, please tell Vi the website for the top is at and they did not have the same top there that Josie had in her shop.

I didn't get back home until 3 pm !!!  way too tired to do anything else this day, leaving the "must do" billing to be attended to tomorrow, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. I so feel your pain with Bell Canada. Remember when we moved ,we were without a home phone for a week........enough said.

  2. yep gf we got rid of ma bell long ago..and no regrets!!!

  3. Bell Canada are idiots that's why we don't deal with them , problems with them years ago ergo no using them . Hope you get it all sorted out ! Have a good day !

  4. All our electronics including tv and phone and of course modem act up on occasion. Having no reset button on some items, customer service told us to unplug them for a couple minutes.

  5. That fixes it.....sometimes.

  6. Customer service.... argggh. I've had people on the line doing that, I swear, if they were having a heart attack, I'd pick up the phone and order a pizza.


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