Friday, 26 June 2015

Another Gorgeous Day

What another gorgeous day this day was !  a full sky of sunshine along with a gentle breeze made it perfect to be enjoyed from morning until night.  

The only thing which messed up this day was those things that fly around and draw blood, known as the Mosquito.  How can something so little cause so much havoc for some of us, especially those of us who are allergic to their bites.  My husband hates them, but then again who does like them?

Mid-morning I met my friend, Cathy, downtown, as she had a couple more quilts to give me.

Thanks Cathy for your thoughfulness !  I had a quilted jacket which I gave to Cathy, as she had the same one years ago and missed it.  It is nice when people can make each other happy with just the little things that count so much, is it not?

This afternoon I got started on working on the outdoor living area on our deck.  If nothing else I am going to make sure one spot "clean & finished".  Or should I say, "almost finished", as there are a couple more boards Rob has to put up, and the new BBQ needs to also be brought up from the basement.  

Late this afternoon I had to head back downtown, as I had already been down there this morning, to see Wenda at The Painted Turtle & Balloon Headquarters about which necklace I had decided on for the wedding next weekend.

The set has been complete with another bracelet, necklace, and a pair of earrings, all custom made by Wenda herself.  Thank YOU Wenda ! you rock girl !!! xx

More about The Painted Turtle & Balloon Headquarters can be found by *clicking* HERE.

We had a late Dinner this evening, however was finished up at 7 pm.  It had most certainly been worth the wait.

Grilled Pork Tenderloin with a side of fresh steamed Green Pole Beans purchased from the Wiarton Farmer's Market this morning.  DELISH !!!

After Dinner I headed downtown to meet up with my friend, Lynn, to go walking with.  We completed 7,000 steps this evening.  Total steps I did today were 11,267 = 4.5 miles, or 7.24 kilometres. 

The reality of my afternoons when I "crash" with exhaustion.  I have to rest, or sleep, to regain energy for Dinner and to walk afterwards.  This is also me after I get up in the mornings as well most days.

 And yes don't you LOVE that amazing feeling too when you head off to bed each night ???

That is all she wrote this day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. love that last saying about the house being clean!! Deck is looking good, now you just have to find the time to use it!

  2. Love your deck and outdoor furniture very nice ! I used to be like that always tired and had to stop to rest but not any more since I have had my hormones under control by my specialist , I have my energy back full force, I walk even more then before and I am now getting back into my bike riding and sleep so much better at night I now take a high dose of Vitamin D3 to as she told me to do , messed up hormones were the cause to my health problems including a lot of my aching and weakness but not any more . Hope you get your get up and go back . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  3. And of course the mosquitoes are still going to be a problem for weeks on end. At least blackflies have the courtesy to die off within three or four weeks.


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