Saturday, 27 June 2015

A Couple Of Items

What a gloomy day this day has been.  We were promised sunshine however had overcast skies every second of this day.  Rain? only a few specks here and there, barely anything that can be felt, however it is suppose to be heavy this evening and tomorrow, should the forecast be correct..

I sure wish I had such a good paid job, and be able to be wrong so often, you too?

This morning I did a few errands downtown Wiarton.  I dropped into the Salvation Army Thrift store and got a couple of items for the Gazebo.

I got the glass pitcher to set the plant in, the pottery pot with candle and the leaves for the crock jar all for $1.00, which made me very happy.

Rob had also put the rooster hangers up so I could hang out the bird seed and hummingbird feeders.  I also have the bird bath hanging, however not where I want it, and it has seeds in it as I had been feeding the Red-Wing Blackbirds from it earlier this week.

I had also made a trip into Owen Sound.  We needed a storage bin for outdoors to put in our outdoor furniture cushions in for when it rains, and to store throughout the "off season" months.

Canadian Tire had this until on sale for $30.00 off.  I am pretty certain it will suit its purpose for us quite nicely.  This was not cheap, or so I thought it not to be, however something that should last us for quite some time (I hope).

When I returned home after lunch I was exhausted.  Yes the couch has been my usual spot the past few weeks.  This truly really bothers me, however I have no energy to do anything about it.  I am hoping next weekend I have lots of excitement and adrenaline to keep me fuelled for the whole day and evening of the wedding.  Prayers going up that I do.

After getting up around 5 pm, I forced myself to head out for a walk, taking Portia along with me.  

On the way out by the side deck I was instantly grossed right out when I sighted a next of spiders... I HATE spiders !!!  The walk went very well with an exceptionally well behaved Portia, who was pooped out on the way back home.  Yes I did manage to get my goal of 10,000 steps in today.

While I had been in Owen Sound I had stopped in at the Foodland store there as they had a 2 lb. container of fresh blueberries on sale for $4.99, and Rib Steaks on for $7.77 per lb..

Rob had dinner ready for us when I arrived back home from my walk.  The Rib steaks were fork tender ... so yummy.  Can you guess which plate is Rob's? 

When I had been out on my walk I had a call from Liz.  I was telling her a week from today she would be an old married woman of 2 1/2 hours by that time.  Poor girl, Paul had been driving her in for her 12 hour night shift at the hospital, she has been so wedding planning stressed along with regular life duties she was beat before starting her shift.

Our son soon to be Mr. Liz Morelli ... hahahaha,  drove poor Liz  into work this evening with her falling asleep on the way.  I sure know how she feels as far as being fatigued.

I almost forgot I had bought tickets this Year for the local Dream Draw Lottery, which is in support of the BPHSF, and also sponsored by local businesses.  More on this can be found by *clicking* HERE.  I sure would be happy to win either 1st or 2nd prize, and really happy even if I won something.

I sure wasn't feeling too well this afternoon, hoping I feel better with more energy tomorrow, as I have INSIDE stuff that HAS TO BE DONE tomorrow.  On that note signing off for the evening, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Promise me you will take it easy this week so you will be energized for the wedding. Don't make me come up there and give you a lecture. Lol

  2. I agree with Sue!! You will love the deck box and it will last for years. We gave ours to Corinne as we don't need it here. Ended up buying Thomas as well.

  3. Love the deck box! It's gorgeous! :) I'm sure you'll get plenty of use from it! It's been rainy & dreary here all weekend... all the well as I don't need to go out and spend $ with dh's strike looming anyways! lol! Enjoy your day! xo

  4. Yes, rest up for the coming wedding.

    Are the redwings territorial? There's one up on Parliament Hill who's buzzing MPs and Senators. Even has his own twitter account.


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