Monday, 23 November 2015


Don't you just love Nat King Cole .... and this song?  I do is for certain as it is so melancholy, is it not?

Many heartfelt thanks for everyone who has rallied their support to me now and the days ahead, This  in itself means more to me then words could every say ....... 

This day was gone before I could blink? where did it go to I have no idea; what did I accomplish, I think not much of anything.  However 4 pm came along with me heading downtown to get a pedicure, as a friend had a cancellation last week and booked me in.  Not only did she have a cancellation she fit me in on her very very booked calendar for every 2nd month in the New Year ! something I, and my feet will look forward to.

Straight from the pedicure I headed down to the Wiarton Chamber office as this evening us elves were busy getting Santa's Candy Bags ready for the Wiarton Santa Claus Parade on the 5th of December at 7 pm.

Myself, Wenda & Cathy of The Painted Turtle & Balloon Headquarters, Sue Givens, fellow Chamber Director, and Paul Deacon, Chamber President.  We had fun, and the candy bags were done much faster then when just Paul, Wenda and I did them last Year.  Helping extra hands go a long way in getting a job done.

I could not resist taking a photo of the Train Station in its nightly luminous state.

Home now with The "Voice" on the TV, with bedtime to follow thereafter, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Hoping life goes better for you now. I suffer from chronic depression (yes, I'm on meds and am manageable now). I had difficulties with jobs also. I have trouble sleeping and nightmares, but I don't have the "highs."

  2. Sounds like you had a really good day and I do envy that pedicure, I bet you felt like you were walking on a cloud, eh? I was going to go and have one this week but judging from the snow that's falling, it ain't going to happen
    Score one for the good days!!!

  3. That's a good one to push back against the depression. I've heard other versions of the song, but not Cole. Music really works well as a therapeutic tool against depression. I also like Duke Ellington's Take The A Train for that, and the fourth movement of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony, which is just sheer joy in musical form.

  4. Well, if we are naming songs, Cindy, How about "Let a Smile be your umbrella, on a rainy rainy day"? LOL

  5. Good to see you out and about doing something FUN with people you enjoy spending time with. I have some happy songs too, that golden oldie (forget the guys name) "Don't Worry, Be Happy" and "Happy" by Pharell Williams. That last song always lifts me up.
    I love Nat King Cole at Christmas time. Saw him a few years back on an Oprah program, just beautiful!

  6. Great song! You do have a good support system - booking you in for pedicures was such a giving thing to do.


How nice of you to drop around to have a wee visit with me to see what I have been up to from time to time. I look forward to your comments as they add much brightness to my each and every day to know there are such wonderful people out there.

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