Monday, 2 November 2015

"A" Okay Inside Or Out Day

Not sure if mid-morning when one realizes their underwear is inside out is any indication how the remainder of the day goes?  I survived the day, so I think it was "A" okay, inside or out dayafter all.

This past weekend I had headed on down South Friday afternoon to spend Halloween with our kids, kids as mostly with Paul and Liz, as the grandkids were gone for most of the weekend, however I have photos !!!!

 Top photos: Briar as a Bandit, Chloe as a Nerd, Connor and Aiden as Ninjas, 
Bottom photos: Josh as Josh, and the Neighbour Children as Minions.

A couple of our Aussie puppies who dressed up.  Two from this most recent 2015 litter, and the middle is Buddy from last year's litter.  Adorable are they not?

I returned back home about lunch time on Sunday a very tired gal, since, of course, I never slept well and then the travelling tired me more.  Rob had also been very tired as he had been down to Toronto and back Saturday night, after a late Friday night.

There had been happy mail for me on my return !!!!

Two very heartwarming wonderful letters from Chloe and Briar, which made me *smile* and still do.

Today?  I spent the morning doing the Crabby Cabbie billing and doing up a sink full of dishes.  This afternoon?  I actually got to go for a walk with my friend, Sharon.

Dinner was light with grilled cheese sandwich, and now Rob and I are ready to sit back, put our feet up and enjoy a coffee.

Oh yes, the Time Change did not only kick the heck out of some of us, so did the Hydro rates change up ....

Quite the shocker isn't it? when will the rises ever end? probably not in our lifetime.

I am weary, however I have high hopes of staying awake to watch The "Voice" this evening, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. The Aussies look quite dashing all geared up for Hallowe'en, and the kids looked cute!

  2. Puppies are sooooo cute!! I'm sure we've all had an "inside out" day at least once!


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