Monday, 19 October 2015

Southampton Luncheon

Yesterday I had to drive over to Owen Sound, who, along with Meaford, had gotten slammed with snow Sunday morning.  The first photo was the backway from Wiarton heading to Owen Sound, the 2nd photo was the Owen Sound Hospital, and this was late afternoon after most had melted away from the Sun !  Ohhhh I am so not ready for Winter, are you?

Yesterday when I had been speaking with my Auntie Gladys we were trying to figure out when we could get together this week as she had some photos for me, not to mention we had not seen each other for some time.  When I got up this morning I decided we would just do it and get together for a Southampton Luncheon.  

Before meeting up with Auntie I had time to go to my girlfriend Brenda's for a quick tea.  Thanks for the chat up girlfriend xoxoxo.

Aunitie and I had decided we would go to the South Stables Coffee House.  I had never been there since it has been a coffee shop, however spent many many many hours there when growing up in Southampton as I had been a trail guide with the horses way back when. I had been bucked off, fell on and kicked by many a horse back in the day with lots of memories from that stable !  who would have thunk it would be a Coffee House way off into the future?

Auntie Gladys and I both had the Quiche and Salad.  While very good I thought it was a very price dish at $14.00 a plate, however I guess that is what you pay for lunch at a Coffee House in a Stable now a days?

This is only one of 3 photos Auntie had brought along for me.  This was the Hepworth Softball Team in 1939, who had won Bruce North Trophy.   My father, my Uncle Jack and their Cousin are all in this photo, as well as Jack Downs of Downs Funeral Home in Hepworth.

My Dad would have been 18 years old in this photo !  that would have been 3 years before he was with my Mother.

Handsome bunch aren't they?  Baseball was a HUGE thing back in the day.

Thanks Auntie Gladys ! I am happy we got together today, and sorry you are going to miss the Bazzar at Gateway Haven tomorrow.

While I had been gone today Rob got our new wood stove hooked up.  Hopefully it will be as mighty as it is small this upcoming Winter.  We had to purchase a new one which is more efficient.  So far Rob is very happy with it considering 2 logs were still going strong after only 4 hours, hopefully it does it job well.

Dinner tonight? leftover turkey.  First plate was Rob's, second plate was mine.

This afternoon I went along for the ride while Rob made a delivery to Owen Sound.  When we returned to Wiarton we did our duty and voted.

Another cute "Cobber" video posted HERE.

I have to sign off real quick here, as my Internet keeps going in and out.  It is also thundering and lightning out up in the skies of darkness, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

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