Friday, 16 October 2015

Returning To A Pattern?

Yesterday afternoon I was hoping it was not the beginning of returning to a pattern I had been in last Year, being a trip approximately every two weeks to the emergency room of the Wiarton Hospital.

Dr. Uffen was the attending physician.  We are quite familiar with each other, as he was the attending physician most of my trips in last year.  You almost could say "know" each other, and besides that I like Dr. Uffen, just would like to see him in other environments then in the Emergency Room.

Dr. Uffen has put in another request (as he had put in the very first request a year ago) to the specialist who had looked after my pancreas this past Spring.  He suspects the same problem then is reoccurring now.

As far as the nasty nasty very constant profuse sweating I have been having when I brought that up, he asked me how old I was, with a smile on his face, with my answer being, "I thought I was over that last Winter !!!"

When leaving the Emergency Room, Dr. Uffen had said to me, "you are welcome back here any time".  I am thinking I should take that as a very caring compliment?   Thank you Dr. Uffen.

Geesh, this past 2 years has been crappy and I just can't seem to catch a break anywhere, but I know there has to be one around a corner somewhere.

I am to go on a no/low carb diet, which I will also cut out the caffeine again, as I did last year.  I had lots of fruit, yogurt, and a plate of scrambled eggs today.  Still feeling like a bloated whale since I have put on 40 lbs the past 1 1/2 years due to medication and life changes, I am hoping I loose some weight through all this pain and agony.

Yes I do frequently tell myself I am sick of being sick and tired, and I want my life back as it was two years ago.  I PRAY for my life to be the way it was two years ago !!!

On a puppy note, our black tri female, Sophie, was picked up last night while I was still in the hospital.  Rob took care of all the last time puppy details with her.

Daily posts and even a new video has been posted today on the Checkerboard Aussies' Facebook page.  Should you like to view, just *click* HERE

It is only 7* Celsius here, and  even colder with the wind chill.  Am I ready for this yet? nope, as we do not even have the Gazebo closed up, never mind our vehicles undercoated, or snow tires on the Taxis !  Time and energy is two very lucrative commodities, are they not?

I just took this photo about 6 pm today.  Really? does that sky spell out "SNOW" to you??  I am hoping not, but that is what the big guys who predict the forecast say we are getting.  The nice part about it is knowing it won't stay long if at all this round .... phew !

At the beginning of Summer when I began hanging out our laundry on the clothesline I noticed our Obusforme mattress pad was coming apart quit a bit.  I never thought any more of it until this past week when I stripped the bed and hung everything out.

I decided to contact Obusforme, who in turn gave me the contact information for the company who actually makes that type of pad for Sears, with the Obusforme name on it.  As it so happens I still had my Sears receipt for the pad from when I purchased it 1 1/2 years ago.  The price tag had been $74.99, which is a good chunk of change.

After sending the company off photographs and a copy of the receipt, they emailed me back for my address as they are reimbursing me the amount of the pad.  It does pay off sometimes to hold onto those receipts !  a special folder tucked away maybe, and purged every couple of years?

For this day this is all she wrote, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

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  1. The doctor does sound like a good one. Those are very ominous skies!


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