Friday, 9 October 2015

Checkerboard Aussie Busy

I have been kept busy but nothing else but Checkerboard Aussie busy the past couple of days....

Every litter we have had from day one we have made a trip, when they are old enough of course, up to the Gateway Nursing Home in Wiarton, where my Mother now resides.

We first began this when Mother was attending the Day Away Program, then still when Mom was a resident at the Nursing Home.  The most recent two litters we have added also going to see the children there at the Wiarton Nursery School.  We pretty much need to schedule at least a two hour visit with all the visits and people stopping us along the way.  Who can resist seeing a puppy????

Yesterday our first adventure out with two of our Checkerboard Aussie puppies was to the Gateway Nursing Home Day Away Program.

Not only did the participants of the Day Away Program love the puppies we had visited with so had the staff members.  Wanda, photographed in the first picture, is the proud owner of Izzie of our Festive 5 2014 litter ... very tempting to have another when cuddling another little one. 
(photos taken with permission of residents or their families).

Before we had headed into the Day Away Program rooms, we stopped in to see the Nursery School children at the Wiarton & District Co-operative Nursery School.  Lots of very curious little faces looking at little furry faces.

After both stops we then headed down the hallway with intentions of going to see my Mother up on the 3rd floor.  It just happened it was Bingo this day so along with my Mother there had been another full room to have the puppies passed around in.

Mother was thrilled to see one of our new puppies, always loving to see each and every one we bring up to see her.  It really has been long overdue since we have had Bandit in to visit, so must put that on my agenda before the snow falls.

We tried to leave after the Bingo Crowd, however we never made it past all the office staff, as you can tell they had Maya kept very busy.

With the annual Nursing Home visit over with Thursday, today we headed South down to Mildmay to our Vets at the Mildmay Veterinary Clinic.  Lots of attention from the staff and Vet when we arrived there !  Portia's puppy, Eddie, was collected their by his Forever Family.

Lots of photos of our day at the vets can be found by going to the Checkerboard Aussie's Facebook page, just by *clicking* HERE.  How could anyone resist those too cute faces ???

Yes it has been very Checkerboard Aussie busy the past two days, and I am pretty much ready to call it a day soon, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

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  1. Aside from being cute, pups and dogs have such a therapeutic quality to them.


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