Saturday, 3 October 2015

4TH Annual Southampton Girl's Luncheon

I was up by 6:30 to do my Aussie duties, included five puppies all before I even had a coffee.  Rob helped me out by taking our Buddy out and getting wood to stoke up the wood stove.  It was friggin cold again with an East Wind !!!

I started to get a few dishes washed when I got called out, not returning until 10 am.  By the time I got the dishes done, and ready it was 10:30 and time to head over to my Hometown of Southampton.

Today we were having our 4th Annual Southampton Girl's luncheon at the Walker House.

I made it down there a bit early so I filled my car up with gas, dropped up to Harrington's to drop around $5.00 I owed for a draw ticket at the Paisley Market, then headed back to the Walker House.

We had a really good turnout again for lunch as there were 11 of us, including me.  We had it the previous three years in the month of June, however this year I had been too busy with our son's wedding, hence the lateness this year.  Next Year we will try for June again, always before the kids get out of school and people begin going on holidays.

Thanks to our waitress we got ourselves a pretty nice photo ....

Fran Indoe, Debbie Bates, Monique Jacobs, Tami Middleton, Martha Greig, Lori Greig, myself, Donna Greig, Sandra Bates, Sheree Mercer and Kathy Mercer.  I always go with the "maiden" names as that is how I know everyone.

A little bit of catching up with some, information for others and a few laughs are mostly what our lunches consist of, and off course we all love a wee bit of gossip from time to time.

We pretty much had met at 11:30 am, and didn't finish up until two & a half hours later.  Thank goodness we got there early as the place had been packed !  I never heard any complaints about anyone's lunches, so I would assume they had all been good.

When I did arrive back home it was more Aussie duties all over again, a quick trip into town to pick up a few things at the grocery store, and that was pretty much the afternoon gone.  Oh yes I also managed to make our bed in there somewhere.

Last night I was freezing.  Rob's solution was telling me to have a hot bath and go to bed.  Some solution that was as I was freezing when I got out of bed this morning.  Trust me that was not happening today as the wood stove is going and will NOT be shut off as long as the temps remain below 7*C !!!

Oh yes I also called the Roofer this morning who had stopped in yesterday to give us a quote on our roof.  Rob had done the back 6 years ago, however this year the North side needs done.  He had given us a reasonable quote so we went with his rather then a cheaper previous quote we had received.  The one we accepted will be using a better quality shingle, and we were more impressed with his more business like nature.

We will wait to hear back and as long as the weather cooperates we will have our North side roof shingled in no time.  *Sigh* another big ticket item off the list.

It is going to be an early night for this girl.  Cold weather wears one out, does it not?

Tomorrow? hopefully finishing up the Crabby Cabbie bookwork and getting some housework done, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

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  1. It sounds like the lunch was fun. Hopefully there's no influences from the hurricane in the next few days so the roofer can get the work done.


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