Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Technical Difficulties

I am not only tired, I have been having technical difficulties with my social media equipment aka laptop.  Maybe not as it could be the cause also of the operator being so tired?

Happy Happy 10th Birthday to our Granddaughter, Chloe today.  Since we were not going to see her today we had given her our gift this past Sunday before we left to come home.

We had gotten Chloe a book bag with an Apples to Apples Board game & a puzzle.  It was exactly what she had been hoping to get, the game that is, not the puzzle.  The puzzle will be probably be taken care of by the Master Puzzler, Aiden, and assistant, Briar.

Chloe also LOVES Dill Pickles, so when we had been out all together at Costco afterwards, Poppa Rob had bought her a huge jar.  She was one very happy 10 year old girl.

More on the Apples to Apples board game, should anyone be interested in purchasing for their children or grandchildren, can be found HERE.

How has Mercedes been doing the almost Year coming up since she has been the "top dog" with the family of blended seven?  We will let the photos tell all....

Yes there is LOTS of loving for Missy Mercedes from one or another at any given time.

I had been planning on blogging some photos of the "pre-wedding" however just not feeling too well this evening, as it has been one of those days.

It was Wiarton Wednesdays today in Wiarton.  Should you like to check it out this Summer, on a Wednesday of course, see the following savings provided by participating businesses:

Free Entertainment also in the Berford St. Parkette from 1 til 4 pm.  Bring along a lawn chair !

After having picked up the car from the garage where I had the summer tires and rims installed, I had to head into Owen Sound as my bluetooth had stopped working, and I needed a new one.  The Jabra Supreme's were on sale for about 1/2 the price.  For another $14.00 I got an unlimited guarantee on it.  It even covers replacement if the dog chews it up !  wish I would have had known about that guarantee 2 units before when Portia had chewed my 1st $99 head set (yes she is an expensive, high maintenance girl).

More on the Jabra Supreme Bluetooth HERE.

On the way back home from Owen Sound I was burning up the highway with my new car and its new tires.  The sunroof open with the wind blowing through and the sun blazing in the western skies got me back home safe and sound .....

.... Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

PS:  I had the most wonderful compliment from my hubby last night when he said, "you don't have to dress up to look good". Can I say, "I LOVE my husband"? I sure can ... thank you Rob (Wayne Robert Roth) , I do LOVE YOU.


  1. busy, busy for you as well. Hope you're feeling better today.

  2. Our internet provider screwed up and now thousands of us are with sporadic internet and no cable . I do hope you feel better soon , Glad all went well with the wedding ! Have a good day !


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