Monday, 20 July 2015


Yesterday I headed up the road and down Jenny Street until I came to Rural Rootz to where the 3rd Annual Quilt Show was happening.  Yes, regardless of my lack of talent, I love quilts, and do so admire all the hard work and hours which have gone into them.

More on Rural Rootz? please *click* with your mouse HERE.

All about the Quilt Show, please *click* with your mouse HERE.

The middle quilt is an "Award Winning" piece.  The work put into is is amazing !

The Baby Quilt was my youngest son's, made in 1982 by a neighbour of mine in Kitchener at that time.  The middle quilt was made by my Mother-in-law, Olivia Roth, and Sister-in-law, Shirley Leis, both deceased.  The pansies were hand painted on the quilt by Shirley.  The last photo is of Koona Sutter, and the quilt she has been working on for sometime was one of my favourites..

Take a leisurely drive just on the outskirts of Wiarton to explore the beauty of Rural Rootz yourself ... who does not enjoy "Beauty"?  I hope none.

I am off heading towards my bed very shortly here.  The rain we had has cooled the evening off quite nicely, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Some very colourful quilts, Cindy!

  2. the work that does go into quilts is amazing that's for sure. Beautiful display there.


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