Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Here, There & There

When I had came home from New Hamburg on this past Saturday I stopped at a Garage Sale where I "scored" this really nice clock for $10.00.  I LOVE it !!!  Our Granddaughter. Chloe, had her Birthday Party, which I sadly could not stay for.  Her party theme had been Dill Pickles, which she passionately loves.  Mom Liz made her a "green" Birthday Cake, and lucky party girls got fruit pancakes for breakfast the next morning after the sleepover.  The 10 year old girls had much fun.

Also Saturday the Farmer who has bought our standing hay the past couple years came to cut it again.  Hope it gets bailed and gone soon, but not before the Aussies have some playtime with it.

Yesterday morning I headed up to see my Mother, as I had brought  along home some Red Glads on Saturday.

Mom had been surprised.  Red Glads have always been her favourite.  My Dad used to buy them for her.

Monday also brought Indian River Citrus to town.  I picked up a 1/2 bushel of Georgia Peaches from my friend, Brenda, and also got a box I split with my friend, Lisa.  They are very very very GOOD !

Love me my Clematis beauties.

Now if only the rest of my house was as nice as the front stoop and back deck with the Gazebo, I would be one very happy girl.  Guess I would have to completely quit volunteer work, as well as stop helping my hubby.

Never does a day go by without one of our Aussies putting a *smile* on my face.

 Here, there & there is all she wrote this day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


How nice of you to drop around to have a wee visit with me to see what I have been up to from time to time. I look forward to your comments as they add much brightness to my each and every day to know there are such wonderful people out there.

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