Thursday, 9 July 2015

Future Results ?

I was up early again !  the kitchen and bathroom was tided, with a load of laundry also in, which Rob hung out and brought back in, as I had left at 9 am and returned about 7:30 pm..

I met up with my Girlfriend, Brenda, in Hepworth where she parked her vehicle at the Legion, and then we headed South down the road Barrie bound.  We left early so we could hit Costco before my appointment with the rheumatologist, Dr. Derek Haaland.

Both Brenda & I had to check out the outdoor chairs incase she had wanted to purchase one for her hubby.  Nope ... either of us thought they had been comfortable.

After time at Costco we headed back to where the Doctor's office was.  We still had about 1/2 hour or so before my 2:15 pm appointment, and headed across the street to a little restaurant called "Salt & Pepper".  We were delighted to see all very FRESH lunch choices of either hot or cold.

Brenda & I choose 1 hot items along with 2 cold items for a total of $7.75 plus taxes.  We had not been disappointed in our choices.  I would not hesitate to go back there for a lunch the next time I was down that way.

Off to the Doctor's we went where I filled out my life history before meeting with the Nurse, Ocean.  She was a very nice person, who took more information from me then checked the 18 pressure points for Fibromyalgia.  I tested 16 out of the 18 pts for having Fibro.  Was I surprised? no as I was 14 pts. a few years back.

Dr. Haaland did come in to see me.  He asked me some personal questions, and also stated to me, "not to let anyone tell me that the pain of Fibromyalgia was in my head, as it is not and is real pain caused by my nervous system.

Dr. Haaland ordered an MRI on both my neck & back, blood work for a special test to determine RA, and an ultrasound by my clavicle on some unusual swelling the Nurse noticed was there when testing for the tender points.   No further prescriptions have been ordered as I have tried most neurology drugs available for Fibro to date.  The Doctor also suspects I have had Fibro since my childhood (guess those "growing pains" weren't those at all, eh?)

A followup appointment has been made for September, unless of course something shows up in all the testing which I go through.  As the Nurse said, "no news is good news", however I am being positive there will be future results sooner then later.

Did I like Dr. Haaland? yes I did, very much so.  I found him to be very thorough and compassionate.  I look forward to my next appointment with him.

I am so happy Brenda went with me as had only been able to drive as far as the 400 from the Horseshoe Valley Road, then she took over from there.  By the time I had finished with my appointment I had been totally exhausted.  When we got back to Owen Sound I drove the rest of the way after we had first stopped for a bit of a shop at Sears.

Brenda and I have been friends since I have been 14 and her 15 years old.  Lost contact many times through the years, but reconnected also here and there.  We get along famously which I so enjoy.  I hate grey areas, and Brenda is a straight shooter and very black & white, thank goodness.

Other then being in slight discomfort now after some mediciations, and fatigued, I am quite happy to know another of my girlfriends are coming up this weekend.  I can't wait to get together with her !!!

That is all she wrote this day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. I am glad it went well and the doctor was nice.

  2. Glad you have now a real grip on what is causing all your aches and pains and health issues and a sounds like a wonderful Dr to that makes all the difference !. I do hope they can find some relief for you from now on ! Hope you have a good visit with your friends . Have a good weekend !

  3. The mark of a good doctor to me is one who asks lots of questions and actually listens to the answers. I remember my parents had one for several years.... that man had no business being a family doctor.

  4. I just had my MRI this week - I luckily got a cancellation and it went smoothly. Hopefully the same will happen for you. Isn't is wonderful to have a doctor who listens? Luck of the draw!

  5. I'm surprised there isn't a rheumatologist a bit closer to you than Barrie. You'd think there'd be one in K-W.

    1. Yes there is however he is apparently not thorough so I opted to travel


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