Friday, 10 July 2015

Certified Weird

It has, I am certain, finally been proven I am totally "certified weird" now.  I am sure most will agree since I after Dinner this evening Rob took me up to the Wiarton Emergency Dept., AGAIN ....

Dr. Jack VanDorp was on call this evening.  I got in very quickly.  No fever, blood pressure is PERFECT, and my breast is fine.  Dr. was baffled and thought it weird, so yes I have now been certified.  Dr. has ordered x-rays of my check cavity tomorrow morning and more blood work.  I was in for blood work this morning, and will really feel tired should I keep giving it away for testing.

Of course my witty husband had said should we attach a nipple to the swelling I could have a third boob breast.  He can be such a boob pain himself some days.

Wednesday Rob had went to the Complete Wellness Inc., downtown Wiarton, to have a massage of his back.  Today I got in at 3 pm to have my back and neck done, as Dr. Haaland, the rheumatologist I had seen yesterday recommended I give it a try again.

Thanks to Becky Thomas, owner of the Complete Wellness, for getting me in an opening today, as Masseur, Carrie, did a terrific 30 minute massage on my back and neck ... very tense both had been.  
Complete Wellness also provides other services, such as Chiropractic, Manis & Pedis, along with a complete line of natural health products and such.

More on the Complete  Wellness Inc.? please *click* with your mouse HERE.

Very early this morning I had been over to Owen Sound to drop off my friends clutch she had lent me for the wedding.  

I could not help but stop to admire, and also tempted myself to nab a pot, of her beautiful Calla Lilies.  Unfortunately the ones she had given me last year did not make it back in the house in time and had froze.  Very *sad* for me indeed as I LOVED them !

For anyone who might be taking their kids or grandkids to the Elmvale Zoo this Summer, check out the $2.00 savings by *clicking* HERE.  The Elmvale Zoo? please *click* HERE.

Also for other great savings, just *click* HERE.  Everyone deserves to save a buck or two.  Speaking of bucks I sure would be happy to win a piece of the huge Lotto Max pot tonight.  Luck to all !

I am exhausted, AGAIN, and didn't get one thing at home accomplished today, not even my bed MADE !!!  that is so not me.  I am hitting the shower then off to my bed as tomorrow there will be another big day ahead of me, this I can usually count on, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Okay, I guess I am out of the loop and don't know what is wrong with your boob? Don't you think men would like it if we did have a 3rd boob? The more the better? I love the calla lilies too. I think I will have to get me some.

  2. love Calla Lilies, but they are a pain to look after. Hope you get some answers about your third boob!!

  3. The lilies look lovely. It sounds like you're getting answers.


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