Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Another Round ....

.... of tests were done this afternoon.  I had x-rays done on my wrists, fingers, ankles and feet, checking for arthritis.  I bet my bottom dollar it is going to show up somehow, especially when I have to walk down our five steps sideways most mornings until I get unstiffened.

I also had an ultrasound of the clavicle area above my left breast.  Unusual swelling has been occurring the past month.  A mystery, saith, Dr. VanDorp.  We will see as tomorrow I am hoping the radiologist report will be done and able to be accessed by my GP, Dr. Diodati, at my appointment tomorrow.  The suspense, of maybe nothing, holds me captive.

It was yet another busy day for both Rob & I.  No surprise there I suppose.

I absolutely love living outside a small town, still having the benefits of the small town.  Today I had forgotten my purse and seen a few things I needed at the Sally Ann.  I went two doors up to the Green Door Cafe, where I got some loot from Owner, Sarah, to carry me over until later today.  Love living daily life in the "hood".

Plans for the update to our bedroom are coming together:

- paint purchased and paint colours chosen:  Teal (feature wall); soft Dove Gray (remaining walls); white for baseboards and door casements,and doors;
- laminate flooring chosen (grey), but not purchased;
- 2 lamps (grey with specks of Teal), which I found at the Sally Ann for $12.00 each;
- grey duvet cover and shams (purchased in the Spring).

Still needed:

- two Teal decorator pillows;
- area runners for bedside;
- find and decide on new curtains or blinds;
- new baseboards.

We probably won't get to any of the work until Fall, but will have most everything purchased and ready to go.

I was happy to go for a drive down one of my very favourite roads this evening.  Thanks Honey.

Rankin River Road, which runs off the Sauble Beach Pkwy. beside Sauble Falls on the Sauble River.

I can always feel the peace of this Forest when driving through.  Good energy from these trees.

Tomorrow? another busy day I am certain for both Rob and I, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

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