Friday, 5 June 2015

Sweet Cuteness

I just returned home from walking with my Cousin Peggy.  We walked almost 4 miles this evening  which is just over 8,300 steps.  I had lots of energy pockets of energy today.  Some were put to good use, others not so much.

This past Tuesday our soon to be daughter-in-law and her best friend, Cousin Vivvy, got together to get some more pre-wedding preparations done.  They had been busy putting some photos together that will be on display the big day.

Still fast friends .... lots of sweet cuteness between these to girls.

Rob and I had a house fire 16 years ago loosing almost everything we owned but for the clothes, he, Paul and myself had on our backs.  In that fire all the baby photos and life photos had been destroyed.  I had not too many to give to Liz and Paul but for a couple.  The girls made the most of the couple they had.

Liz & Paul at the Beach, and Liz & Paul into Sports.  Before long we will have photos of Liz & Paul being married !!!

This week I had also received this sweet note from our Liz ....

As I have said before, and many times again, Liz is a girl any Mother would be proud to have as a daughter, with Rob & I very happy to have her part of our Family.  Only 4 more weeks to go before the big day !!!  I am soooo excited !!!

Today I went up to have lunch at Gateway Haven with my Mother.  We had a good visit and she was very well today.  Lunches are usually always so good, however today neither Mom nor I were too fussy over the Veggie Burgers, but the Greek Salad was good & I got Mom's portion since she does not care for salad.

This afternoon Rob and I had met up with my oldest sister, Jeanne & hubby, Cecil at Tim Hortons for a coffee.  They are leaving for a month's visit down to Nfld in a couple day and had wanted to say goodbye.  Wishing them a safe trip.

I am done for this day, and soon be saying hello to my bed, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. I did not know you had ever had such a bad fire! Glad you were saved but how tragic to lose some of those mementos. Still, people and memories survived!

  2. good to see you had a better day today

  3. Fires are devastating, especially for the lost mementos you can't replace.


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