Saturday, 6 June 2015

Saturday Adventures

This morning I had decided I was going to check out Josie's of Wiarton's 16th Annual Apartment Sale, as I had never been in the almost 12 years I have been back living in Bruce County.  It was from 9 am til 5 pm, I believe I had arrived around 9:30 or shortly thereafter.

Josie, herself, was manning or should I say, "womaning" the cash register down on the main floor while ladies were waiting to head up stairs to the Apartment Sale.  Only 25 persons at a time were allowed up there to comply with fire codes.  Still the wait was pleasant as there are so many lovely things within the doors of Josie's of Wiarton.

Up the stairs I went to where Josie's daughter, Ana, was helping to assist and there had been a lineup to try items on.  There were many articles of "name brand clothing" items at discounts up to 55% off in various sizes from xs to xxl.  Something pretty much for everyone I would say.  I enjoyed my time spend at the sale, and would not hesitate to going back for the 17th Annual Apartment sale next year.

More on Josie's of Wiarton? please *click* HERE or HERE.

I stopped to smell the roses admire some of my flowerbed perennials today, something I should do more often.  I even took time out to play a little throw the ball with Lexus.

More on my Saturday adventures ....

An finally reflecting on photos of yesterday my son, Paul, had sent me by text message ....

Any resemblance between Son & Mother?  surely my tongue is not as big as his I would think.

I just returned from a walk with my friend, Lynn.  Time goes so much nicer when you have someone to walk and talk with, does it not?  She went 6777 steps with me out of my 12277 total for this day.  Thanks Lynnie I always love catching up with you, and enjoy the walk too.

I also managed to do a bit more decluttering.  Even though it had only been a bit it had still been something, and besides it took me months for it to get this bad, it will take as much time to undo it I would think, or hopefully less should my pockets of energy be more then less.

That pretty much sums up my Saturday Adventures this day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. did you get anything at Josie's? Flowers are lovely.

  2. What did you buy, anything nice for yourself? Bess

  3. Josie's looks busy. The turtle stands out!


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