Thursday, 18 June 2015

Off I Go

I am off to a Fundraiser this evening to take photos.  My friends, BJ, Sue & Julie have put together a night to raise money for the BPHS "Walk to Create Possibilities".  This will be their 2nd Annual event they have hosted with an expect 80 in attendance this evening.

Check it out from last Year by *clicking* HERE.

Today I also took some stress from myself by asking Liz to order a cake for the wedding topper down there.  She found a Specialty Cake Shop in Baden where she ordered a 2 layer 9" round with raspberry filling and light pink frosted icing for only $46.00 incl. taxes.  SOLD ! with one less stress for me to worry about.  I wish it was all as easy as that.

Today? not very eventful but I did get a bit of this and that done, but nothing to show a dent, nor write home about.  Tomorrow is another day, is it now? and only 2 more weeks til the WEDDING !!!

Before I go... should you be in Wiarton you MUST try the London Ice Cream at the Berford Street Artisan Co. (previously the Home Hardware) downtown.  It is the end to end all ice cream.  How do I know? I have had it before with my favourites being Chocolate Monkey and Ah Chocolate.  I can't wait until the grandsons arrive so I have an excuse to have myself a cone.

On that note I will sign off until I post my adventures, or lack of them, tomorrow, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

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