Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Home Again

I just arrived home again about 30 minutes ago from my mini trip down South.

Last night I stayed at Paul & Liz's, leaving there this morning around 6:45 am, after being awake from 5 am or so.  I landed in back at my sister's with Tim Horton's coffee shortly after 7 am.

We had a great visit before I had to head back home just after 3:15.  I made it back through Southampton to fuel up, ending up back in Wiarton at 6:15 pm, to grab a coffee at Tim Horton's to take along to a 6:30 pm meeting at the Chamber office.

I got home to a lovely Dinner made by my Rob of homemade burgers and potato salad.  What a nice surprise.

Am I exhausted? darn right I am and I have a feeling it will be "crash" time the next couple of days ahead which I can not afford, but will make the best of.  I am happy to be back home,  Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Did you see the article about us fibromites needing a 48 hour recovery period from stressful or ambitious events? Rob needs to come after you with a big stick Girlie!


How nice of you to drop around to have a wee visit with me to see what I have been up to from time to time. I look forward to your comments as they add much brightness to my each and every day to know there are such wonderful people out there.

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