Sunday, 14 June 2015

Happy Anniversary Sparkle !

I had another poopy nights sleep, but really? my sleep pattern has improved from what it had been a couple of months ago, so that makes me very happy.  My energy? nowhere near yesterday but that is okay too, as noted improvement there as well.

Two weeks ago we had planned to meet up with our Crabby Cabbie driver, John, and his wife, Lori.  We hadn't been all together since before Christmas so why not try out a new place for breakfast.

We headed North on Hwy 6 to Mar, took a turn left, passed Sky Lake, then a right to Red Bay, ending up at ....

The Red Bay Lodge, which is making a "come back" on the Bruce Peninsula, since almost being ran into the ground the past 10 years.  The Red Bay Lodge holds many many memories of past generations by vacationers and locals.  Yes, breakfast was good, as was the lunch I had there a couple weeks ago.

For some reason my Rob and his driver, John, are like frick and frack.  Never a day goes by with a burst of laughter between the two of them.

What do I have to say about this duo? thank God they have two wonderful wives who have their backs.

I would like to say, Happy Anniversary Sparkle, and her Forever Home "Mom", Marie.  Marie took Sparkle in from a rescue 3 years ago, and they have made history together since.

Here is the story of Sparkle when she was rescued by Marie, and a recent update, just go HERE, and then HERE.

It is always nice to learn of "Happy Tails", is it not?  and we all have one or two of them to tell ourselves..

Today was not too productive as either the falling rain caused my low energy levels, or maybe the lack of sleep.  Still Portia and I managed a very late afternoon walk downtown Wiarton, to come back home for a late Dinner.

Last night I received a text message from our grandson's Mother, asking if I would still like them for a week in August? really do you think I said, "NO"? not in this lifetime.  She has lost her babysitter this Summer, so not only do we get them the week in August, we are also getting them one week in July as well.  Can you say, "HAPPY"? as I sure can.  Adventures to be had this coming Summer, hooray, hooray !!!

Tomorrow marks the beginning of a new week, and I will be heading into it whether I am ready or not, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. I wanted to read about Sparkle but the links won't work. They aren't highlighted so I didn't expect results.

  2. that is such good news getting the boys for two weeks this summer, so pleased for you.

  3. I was able to access the links on Sparkle. Good for Sparkle!


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