Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Double Booked

Another not a good night's sleep for me, however even worse for Rob as he got called out at 10 pm, 2 am & 6 am, making today it a really long day for him.

I double booked appointments for myself this morning with one at 10 am in Wiarton, and the other at 11 am a 1/2 hour drive away (at full tilt) in Lion's Head with my Dentist.  I was stressing a bit about it until my Dentist's office called me when I was heading out to my first appt. to tell me she moved me back to 11:30 am.  What a sweetheart to be so considerate on contacting the other patient and switching the appts. around for me.  Gestures as such validate there are still kind and considerate people in this World, and I am very grateful to have so many of those kind of people in my Life.

Now I think about it, after living in the Kitchener-Waterloo area for over 20 years, I never had the good friends and acquaintances there that I have here.  For that very reason I am happy I did move back to Bruce County.

My first appointment went extremely well much to my relief, and I did make in on time for my Dentist appt.  I know I have said it before but once again I do LOVE my dentist, Pat Duronio.  We always end up having ourselves a bit of a visit after my appointment when my mouth isn't totally wide open.  My teeth were all good when he cleaned them, however I have been experiencing terrible pain in my lower jaw.  Pat was explaining I must be clenching my teeth when sleeping, and has suggested I get fitted for a night guard.  Next appointment I will get an impression to be fitted for one, and hopefully it will solve another one of my pain issues.

 A rare moment when our Portia was laying nicely watching me in the bathroom (she goes everywhere with me).  The niceness did not last long before she got going and proceeded to "mess up" the bathroom carpet.  Brat ! Brat ! Brat !

This afternoon when I did arrive back home I "crashed" again.  I had a wicked headache when I had awoke this morning which continued all day.  I never napped but layed still for as long as I could.

Two highlights of this day?

Reading over the Agenda for the VBS which Aiden and Connor will be attending in August was one.  Secondly was going for a walk with my friend, Lynn, and walking over 6,000 steps together bringing my total to almost my goal of 10,000 today.  I am pretty certain I did make my goal as I never had my phone on my person every moment today to count all of my steps.

I just had a Dinner of salad and watermelon.  Rob had cereal, however had himself homemade hamburgers for his lunch.  

Hopefully I can get Rob into his pant suit and dress shoes tomorrow so I can check if they will need hemmed or now, as time is beginning to run out with only 2 more weeks and a bit before the WEDDING !!!  have I mentioned yet how excited I am (and a bit nervous).  You would think it was me getting married again ! as if that will ever happen ....

And by the way, if you are looking for some uniqueness with a purpose, check out The Cluttered Cupboard, tucked away behind Wiarton's main Berford Street, on Lousia.  Even better take a "peek" now by checking out their Facebook Page by *clicking* HERE.  I think I am totally in love with the Birds on a Wire !

I think I am almost ready to call this day a wrap until tomorrow, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Good luck with the mouth guard. I have tried one made for the upper, couldn't deal with that. Had one made for the bottom instead, not much better! Now when I go to bed I tell myself not to clench, works pretty good but some nights there is just no talking to myself!

  2. I have a mouth guard and I don't have a lot of headaches anymore.

  3. you certainly are a busy girl. Time is flying by this month isn't it?

  4. Wedding preparations will soon be done!


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