Friday, 12 June 2015

3 Weeks Today

I just realized yesterday that as of 3 weeks today we will be with our youngest Son, Paul, and he will be married the next day.  I am not only over the Moon excited, I am still not prepared !

My niece, Joanne, has graciously offered to come stay the weekend at our house.  I can not remember the last time Rob and I have been overnight somewhere together without one or another of our Aussies.  But really 2 nights in a row ? that is unheard of !!!

I seen a really nice bracelet today downtown at The Painted Turtle & Balloon Headquarters, that might go with my wedding attire.  My friend, Wenda, who owns the store told me to bring down the dress and shoes to see what we can get a perfect match on.  Now to find time to do this !

Two weeks from now I will be getting highlights put in my hair.  The day before we leave I will be having a mani and pedi by a friend here in Wiarton.  I also am to make a double round carrot cake for the Wedding topper.  I hope to get those made soon and into the freezer.

I picked up some very pretty hair combs for the little girls hair.  I had found them downtown at Wiarton Bluebird Flowers. New owner, Christina, is a lovely person, drop on in to meet her if you have not yet done so.  Also what was a lovely surprise that she also carries Ecuador Roses !! find out more about them by *clicking" HERE.  If you have never had the pleasure of having an Ecuador Rose in your home, treat yourself to their long lasting beauty.

My Auntie Gladys has made it a generous habit of "special" occasion gifting a single Ecuador Rose on many many an occasion to her numerous friends and family members over the years.  Nice touch, Auntie.

About 4 or 5 years ago, really I think it has been more like 6, I began playing a Word Game on Facebook against a young man who lives in Ireland.  Dave is in his early 30's, and has been attending College the past couple of years.  I have taken an interest in following how his schooling has been going from time to time.  Just recently Dave had worked very hard on a project of creating a video for one of his final projects for term end this Year.  This video took quite some time to create.

I was very "WOWED" by how Dave's video spoke out in a very touching display of what once could have been or was a very real tragedy.  I am pleased to share Dave's product of his very hard work, The Forgotten ....

What an amazing moving video you have created Dave ! and I am honoured for you having had share it with me.  

Should you have to mark Dave's video, what kind of mark would you give him with 50 being a pass?

I am pleased to say I got MOST of the bathroom cleaned today between running here and there.  All left to clean is the bathtub, as the floors and everything else has been washed down and cleaned.  I am getting better then my usual only 1/2 done I am proud to say.

I am not going to jinx myself by saying what I plan or not plan to do tomorrow, and that is how I will leave it, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. I would give it 80 out of 100. I wasn't 100% clear what is was all about until closer to the end. Very moving video.

  2. Go have fun enjoy you two work so hard and deserve two nights away. You are going to look beautiful. Congratulations to your son and his lovely wife to be. Hug B

  3. You will be ready & by the sounds of it you're going to look beautiful as a mother of the groom as well! :) Can't wait to see photos!


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