Thursday, 2 April 2015

Getting Somewhere

Today started out lovely and mild, however by early this afternoon the sky clouded over.  By late afternoon the rain came tumbling down along with its dampness.

I have finally gotten the wood stove "fired up", to get the dampness from the house, hoping to feel its warmth in my bones soon.  Rob is out trying to dig a small trench in the lane way to get the water away from the side door.  This muddy wet transition into Spring and towards Summer is less then my favourite time of year.

I had an appointment today with Dr. Kaal with regards to the severe pain attacks I have had in my abdomen since having my gall bladder removed on the 2nd of September 2014.  I was finally getting somewhere after how many trips to the Emergency Rooms at the Hospital the past few months.

Dr. Kaal explained the duct going into my pancreas is not allowing the bile through properly.  Dr. Kaal will be doing surgery to make a cut at the entrance to the duct to widen it.  This will be day surgery.  Should there be a pancreas attack after the surgery, I will be hospitalized anywhere up to 3 days, on IV and pain medication(s).  However should there be none I should have no more problems from there on in.

I have confidence in Dr. Kaal as he removed a polyp in a very "tricky" spot last June.  I am happy we got to discussing that as well, as he then read the report to me telling me it had been cancerous. When I had done a follow-up with the other surgeon he had told me it had all been normal.  *Sigh* I do not know what to think about that at this point, but sure glad I had a colonscopy to find it and another to have it removed.

This is the type of polyp I had:

 Tubular adenomas
  • look like a mushroom with a head and a stalk (pedunculated)
  • the outer surface looks like a series of tubes
  • can easily be removed during a colonoscopy
  • are the most common and least likely of all adenomas to contain or develop cancer
  • the larger the tubular adenoma, the greater the chance of it becoming malignant (polyps larger than 2 cm are more likely to develop into cancer
To read more on the "types" of polyps please *click* HERE.  It is very important to have a colonoscopy after the age of 50.  Unfortunately I waited until I was 55, and had three in one year. Nothing like jinxing myself was there?  just my luck.

I will be going at the first of May for the day surgery on the pancreas duct.  I have been scheduled to be the first one of the day, which makes me happy to get it over with.  The earlier the better most certainly suits me.

Tomorrow is Good Friday leading into the Easter Weekend.  We will be getting together for an Easter Dinner on another weekend other then this upcoming one.  It is always fun getting together with all the kids for any kind of celebration.

This morning's skies gave way to very pretty Easter colours.  I love the beauty found in sunrises.

I am still pretty tired today, but much less then yesterday.  With this grey wet weather outside our windows and doors I hope the sound of rain is lulling enough making sleep come easy this evening, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. I found it humid at one point today and had to have the window open. By supper time I was feeling it cold and had to put a cardigan on. This weather is very confusing. Glad you were able to get some answers today.

  2. Some answers are better than none. We had up and down weather too.

  3. Yup up and down weather for us as well but at least it was rain and not snow . Hope you are feeling better soon .

  4. Beautiful sunrise picture!

  5. My front door and back door are open today!! Yeehaw! I like the medical information I get from your blog - very helpful indeed! I'm 58 and have never had a colonoscopy done though I have done the "poop" test several times.


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