Sunday, 8 March 2015

Birthday Luncheon

Rob put the heating pad in on my side of the bed yesterday, and I went to bed last night before 7 pm and was out like a light.  I heard Rob come home about 11:30 pm or so, and was gone again until about 4:30 am.  This daylight savings time will take a little adjustment for many of us, again.

This morning I could move better then yesterday.  I still feel much pain if I have to bend, crouch, or get up from sitting.  Better is much much better then how it was and that is a good thing.  Geesh if it doesn't rain it pours sometimes ... wonder if someone is trying to tell me to slow down, but really I have slowed way down the past couple of weeks.

I can not afford to be down and out much longer as I need to get the books ready for year end, and this place ready for our grandson's arrival next week.  I am way too excited about that, the boys not the books, so I darn, darn, triple darn best not be down and out for that ! or someone might have to pay.  *smile*

Today is my friend, Pari's birthday, who is also my neighbour.  I called her this morning to see if she was available to go out for Lunch, as nobody should have to spend their birthday alone, and her family is all in another Province or Country.  She was right on for going out.  I collected her at 12:30 pm and we headed down to the Green Door Cafe.

This was my third time for being at the Green Door Cafe this week, so when I walked in and seen Sarah, I said, "don't judge me", and she said, "I missed seeing you for one day".  Hahaha I told her I loved her & Tim, and Tim said the feeling was mutual so all was good.

We decided on the Lunch "special" which was a BLT with fried egg and potato pancake on a Kaiser bun with our choice of soup, fries or salad.  We both chose the salad.

Pari was thrilled with the Box of Belgian Chocolates Rob & I had gotten her, as they are her favourites.  And the gold bow was also a "hit" as Gold is her favourite colour.

The Kaiser sandwich was huge, so I had to get some shots of her attempting to eat it so she could send to her son in England.  

Hahaha ... we did have fun.

Needless to say we had been both full to the top after that amazing lunch, but no it did not stop there. Green Door Owners, Sarah & Tim, sent out a deep fried ice cream crepe Tim had made for the birthday girl and I to share.

Oh my Lord it was scrumptious.  So much for loosing weight this day.

When we were getting ready to go out for Lunch, Rob had been called out and could not go along with us.  By the time we had finished he had been coming home so I ordered him "take out" to take along home for him.

I never got him what we had for lunch, but I did get him a fully loaded Homemade Bacon Cheeseburger.  Yes he sure enjoyed it !

This afternoon Rob had a big sleep, that he sure needed.  And I rested on the couch.  We hadn't gotten back from lunch until at least after 2 pm.  I had wished my back was better since today was lovely weather and would have been a good day for a brisk walk.  Another day.

This evening it will be more rest, enjoy the daylight savings, and hopefully another good night's rest, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. lunch looked yummy and yes you need to rest up and get yourself well for the weekend, as I am quite sure NOTHING will stop you from having those boys!!

  2. Looks and sounds like you ladies had a good lunch ! I hope your back gets and feels better soon ! I was an amazing day out sunny and warm here we were out all day in it I am all fresh aired out now lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good evening !

  3. Resting up is the best thing for you- the heat sounds like it's helping a lot.


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