Wednesday, 4 February 2015

YIKES That Had to Have Hurt !

I was having myself a not too bad sleep when Rob arrived home at 1:30 am, filling the stove and whatnot before coming to bed himself at 2 am.  Just nicely got back to sleep when the phone rang at 3 am.  That did it for me, sleep time was over.

I was having one of those dreams where I felt I was conscious the whole time I was dreaming.  It took place in my hometown of Southampton, and the content could have made a remarkable Horror Movie.  Geesh those are the ones you don't want to remember, are they not?

Holy snow today Batman !!!

There is about 8 inches that has fallen so far today, and it is still coming down in very large steady fluffy flakes.

Household chore for the day was getting the bathroom toilet and bathtub cleaned.  We have iron in our water, despite the water softener, we still get rust.  Yes I have to bring out the big guns in cleaning chemicals so the gloves and mask comes out too.  Big difference in the tub, photoed below, once I have applied the cleaner and some elbow grease.  Unfortunately the toilet doesn't stay clean more then a couple of days.

I also got the Crabby Cabbie Billing for January done today.  Wiping brow ... with way too much ahead in the way of purging and cleaning.  I need less puppies (next week) and more time at home to get going on the huge list in my head.

Yesterday I got a call from my Son, Paul.  He was trying to unplug the snow blower and stuck his hand in, resulting in?  an extremely bad break in his middle finger on his left hand.  It was really difficult me to say, "what were you thinking", as I think we have all done something not too smart at one time or another in our lives.  I know I have a few to many times that I care to mention.

He was scheduled to go back into the Stratford Hospital this morning to be fitted for a splint.  He is in a lot of pain, however refused anything stronger then Tylenol for a painkiller.  Looking at it, YIKES that had to have hurt ! and apparently still does.

He has been waiting all day for a spot to open up in the OR, as he needs to have a pin put down into his finger, as you can tell by the xrays.  Since he got bumped twice, he might get in at 8 pm tonight.  He has not ate since this morning, so a hamburger is looking pretty appealing to him right now.

He will have to go to hand therapy afterwards.  Like anyone who has had injuries or breaks, I am certain in later years arthritis will eventually set in, especially since he is an outside construction worker out in the elements of the changing Seasons.

Tonight Rob and I had an easy, but yummy Dinner of French Toast with REAL Maple Syrup produced by my friend & her hubby, Miners' Maple Products.  Love their products, right down to Abby's Raspberry Salad Dressing, and oh man, their Chipolte BBQ Sauce is to die for !  Check them out on Facebook by *clicking* HERE.

The puppies went their first 24 HRS without Mama Lexus last night.  They also had their first meals of dry, opposed to mushy, kibble today and lots of water.  Each one is eating and drinking like no tomorrow.  Good thing as they will be 8 weeks on Valentine's Day next week and ready to go to their FOREVER HOMES.  You can be certain we will be taking photos of those moments.

Hopefully this evening there will be no interrupted sleep, or for that matter that there will be sleep for me, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. I agree what was your son thinking......I guess he wasn't!! I agree in his latter years it will come back to haunt him.

  2. OUCH ! is right Papa here years ago sliced the tip of his finger nearly clean off they sewed back as it was all in tact but it hurts him from time to time . I hope all goes well for your son . Yes it has been snowing again here all day and still snowing many times out with the shovel and snow blower . Oh that is way to much iron in your water you think the city there could or would do something about that . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

    1. We are on a well as we live out in the Country, E.


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