Monday, 16 February 2015

Family Day 2015

Can you friggin' believe it was -30 *C (-22*F) this morning when I was outside with the Aussies. The Dodge Van groaned & moaned but started, however the Venture and Montana needed to be boosted.

Good thing Rob purchased a Battery Pack at Canadian Tire yesterday.

Since today was Family Day I thought what better time to go visit my Mom and have lunch with her. The Hepatitis A scare was over and the ban lifted for the Nursing Home yesterday.

Mom has always gone right by the exact minute.  Meal time? she was gone like a shot with me bringing up the rear.

We not only had a nice visit we had a really good lunch as well.  She liked the new leather change purse I had bought for her Bingo money.

Yesterday when we were out shopping in Owen Sound I came across a coat rack for $9.99.  I grabbed it as the hooks were worth more then that if we were to make one.  Since we are both in and out so much, Rob with the Taxi & me with the Aussies, it is a pain to constantly hang up our jackets in the closet.  Yes I have been getting tired of them draped over the dining room chairs.

While I was gone Rob put it up for our jackets, and I have to say I am very pleased with it.

We were thinking about going down to the city today, however with it being so cold we would have came back to our house freezing cold once the wood stoves had burned themselves out.  We decided to stay home and enjoy our day here together.

We took Bandit & Portia out the back for Portia to have a big off leash run (this does not happen undersupervised with her being so young and the highway so close to our house).  They were both very good and anxiously waited to each get a treat.

They had themselves lots of fun !

Dinner this evening was Roast Beef with red potatoes (my favourite), peas and carrots, all done in the Crock Pot with the exception of the peas.

Never mind the Roast Beef, my plate is usually 3/4 full of vegetables.  Yes I LOVE me some veggies.

How was your day if you were able to have today as a Family Day?

Other then the headaches from the cold temps and the brain freeze it has been a pretty good Family Day for us today, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. supper looks good. Glad you were able to spend time with your mother.

  2. Portia and Bandit look happy to be out in the snow.

    It was in the news here that yesterday Ottawa was the coldest capital on earth- generally speaking it falls second to the capital of Mongolia.


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