Monday, 9 February 2015

All Done Now

Today I had to travel back to Owen Sound for more testing.  This time it was another MRI on my liver.  Better safe then sorry, right?  I think so & I also think I am all done now with anymore testing for awhile.

My appt. was for 12:15.  I got there about 1/2 earlier and they took me on.  I had to get an IV put in as I was having dye put through.  Much easier then when I had the MRCP, as there had been no burning, nor feeling like I had to relieve myself.  I was back out of there at 1:10.  Good thing I had went in earlier.

Appointments smack right in the middle of your day doesn't afford to much getting done, or at least that is the way my day went.  All I managed to do before leaving for Owen Sound was some dishes, puppy clean up and feeding a couple of times, and out & in with the Adult Aussies.

Still there had been time throughout my day for some Aussie photos.

We are waiting for the day Portia slips off the chair.  Hope I have the camera handy when it does *smile*

Bandit was refusing to give me one of his famous *smiles* but he gave in eventually much to my pleasure.

This girl has absolutely no shame about her sprawling herself all over the house and enjoying every second.

Our Buddy boy head over paws happy to see Rob come home.

For some reason Google has been giving me much grief this evening, shutting down on me and whatnot ... it has take me over 3/4 hour to get this much posted, so on that note I shall be calling it a night, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. always good to get all the testing over and done with. Haven't seen Lexus in a while? Everything good with her?

    1. Oh yes just took photos yesterday but didn't get them up as google kept crashing & I gave up


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