Saturday, 17 January 2015

Thank You to ALL

Where has time gotten to? we are into week three already of the 52 Week Money Challenge !  I also have an up-to-date list of all of us who are "on board" together in the Challenge as follows:

Marilyn, Sugar Mama, Barry & Alice, Christy, Kaeli, Wanda, Joyce, Shannon, Eleanor, Margaret & myself.  Have you all been planning on what you might be spending your Challenge Savings on yet? as I sure have been pondering on a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner.  Any Pros or Cons anyone would like to offer I would appreciate.  My niece absolutely loves hers.

This time around I am attempting to do the Challenge backwards.  It has been tense but a girl has to pay herself first, does she not?  and look at all those great meals I make my hubby all throughout the Year?

Today I puttered a bit with this and that but unfortunately got no serious deep cleaning done.  I had wanted to go for a walk today however it just seemed too cold to even think about that.

Other then the puttering I know I was out and in much more then usual with the Aussies ... I have no idea what is going on with Lexus but she can not seem to be settled what so ever.  I go out with her to do her business, bring her back in, head up the stairs and she is demanding again.  She is getting lots to eat, has lots of water throughout the day, but is not feeling content for some reason or another.  She has been feeding her babies as they are getting as pudgy as ever, but maybe is getting a bit tired of them already at 4 weeks of age.  I shall try them on some mush tomorrow to see how that goes.

Besides that Bandit and Portia keep me amused throughout the day.

This is Portia's idea of playing tug of war with Bandit as he pulls her around on their dog bed.  Geesh .... #lazypuppy

I did get to speak to the Grandsons today, Aiden & Connor, very briefly as it is Paul's weekend to have them, but they were too very busy playing to talk much to Grandma.  I am afraid I will never see or hear from them once they hit the dating age !

Zehrs has Blackberries & Blueberries on sale 3 for $5 for 170 g containers.  My thoughtful hubby bought me some when he had been over in Owen Sound yesterday.  Truthfully I could eat them until I looked turned Black and Blue... oh so yummy.  He bought me 2 more containers today at Foodland but theirs are 2 for $5, not such a good deal as Zehrs.

I was thinking today what life would feel like if I was totally rested each day from the night before.  Would it not be Grand? not that I am not thankful for my Life, just a little more sleep in it would be wonderful.  I suppose when I get much older then I already am there will be more time for sleeping and feeling rested then ... I will take what I have now.

I must say I could not be more grateful for the close friends who are in my life and have stayed in my life, including Family members. 
I would also have to admit those fair weather friends, who called themselves friends & were in my life for a short time until my friendship was no further use to them, also had a purpose as stepping stones in my life getting me where I find myself now.
And then there are those unique friend acquaintances who fill in the gaps and make life more pleasurable from time to time, including the wonderful friendships I have made here on Facebook.
Not forgetting the totally awesome friends I have made from Blogging too, who are absolutely wonderful.

Thank YOU to ALL.

I feel it is important from time to time to make it known you are thankful for those people in your life who make it "special" by just being there, don't you?

I am feeling a bit weary so it would be time to close here for another day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. I'm still going backwards for the 52 week challenge. I haven't decided what I will spend it on. A new mattress is a possibility or I may save it towards a 10th anniversary trip for DH and I in 2016.

  2. I haven't figured out what to spend the money on yet. I'm sure by the end of the year, there will be something I want, so I will decide later.


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