Saturday, 10 January 2015

Stormed In AGAIN

I thought I had slept pretty good last night, but still heard Rob come in and him snoring out on the couch, as he could not get warm enough in bed for some reason.  The Aussies all wanted out at their usual, and I was still extremely dead tired on my feet, but I got up and did my duties as a dedicated pet owner.

I put everyone back to bed and decided to go back myself, something I rarely do.  I just got snuggled in nicely and Rob's alarm clock beside our bed went off.  Up I got to tell him, as through all his own snoring he never heard a thing.  Back to bed I went until at least 9:30 am.  Mind you I didn't sleep the whole time but I was comfortable being still snug as a bug in bed all by myself.

Yes before I even had a coffee I did all the Aussie rounds again.  What a dreadful cold stormy day it has been.  With road closing, along with the Highway 6 in front of our house, I found myself stormed in AGAIN.

Rob has been out of town all day, and hopefully back home here very shortly.  He will have to park o the side of the road with the flashers on and clean out the lane as he would never be able to get through the 4 to 5 foot drifts plugging the end of it.

It most certainly was a good day to put a pot of Homemade Ham bone Soup on the stove to simmer all day long while the 9 Bean mixture sat soaking.

Many many times today one or the other of the Aussies & I were outside braving the elements of cold and blowing snow squalls.

My dad, Fritz (Harold) Masterson loved Johnny Cash.  I am certain he played him enough I must know almost every word of Johnny's songs.  Today I came across a different version played by Home Free, in Cappella at that !

I rather like it, what do you think?


Yes itt was definitely a good day to stay inside while feeding the fire in the wood stoves, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. It looks like a day unfit for man or beast!

  2. Good morning from one Canadian blogger to another! Just came upon your blog and have been poking around a bit. Your dogs are beautiful! Your weather, not so much. Happy Sunday!


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