Monday, 5 January 2015

LOTS Of Snow !

The wee hours of the morning had Rob out plowing the lane so he could get out to begin his work day.  The snow was banked against our back patio door with frost & ice making a beautiful scene.  Later today the snow was still coming down making even a more beautiful picture mid-day.

For some reason, more then likely their delight with Snow, the Aussies seemingly wanted out more then usual this day.  Pictured here are Portia, Bandit with one of  his "award winning *smiles*, and our boy Buddy.

 Lexus and I had been outside when Rob had returned home with oil for the tractor.  Nothing like having a door opened for you.  Truly our Aussies have life not too difficult whatsoever.

Yes today I was literally up to my knees with both Snow & Aussies.

I did manage to do a bit of Crabby Cabbie paperwork today, getting half the December billing down.  I was exhausted today from the weekend, so not much got done in the way of anything else other then taking Aussies in and out all day long.

I did take a moment, or two, to admire the photos we received from two of our children for Christmas.

My beautiful Step-Daughter, Sarah, with her two boys, Chase & Greyson.  We see them about once  Year unfortunately, but a time I always look forward to.

The five we are  fortunate to see a little more often, Connor, Josh, Aiden, Chloe & Briar.  Connor & Aiden my youngest son's boys, & Josh, Choloe & Briar are Paul's financee Liz's children.

All these children I absolutely LOVE, and consider each and everyone my "blood" grandchildren whether they are or not.  I am proud to be their Grandmother, which makes me always very happy.

Last week was the very first week of the 2015 52 Week Money Challenge.  $1.00 for Week One should have been put away for those who are "on board" with me this Year.  To date Marilyn, Sugar Mama, Barry & Alice, Christy & Kaeli are in on this year's challenge.  It is still not too late to jump on board with us, just let me know by leaving a comment below.  The Challenge Chart is on the right hand side bar of my Blog should you want to *click* on it which will take you to a previous post where you can print it off by right clicking on the embedded chart.

Lots of luck to everyone with this year's challenge.  I have already been thinking I would like a new Dyson Vacuum with my savings at the end of the Year, what about you?

We currently have two puppies left available for Forever Homes from our newest Checkerboard Aussie 2014 Litter.  These puppies will be ready for their new homes on the 14th of February 2015.  For more information on our Australian Shepherds please follow us on their Facebook Page by going HERE.

Almost forgot what an awesome Dinner we had this evening.  Gotta like having leftover ham.

Toasted Ham & Onion Western Sandwiches topped with Montgomery Jack Cheese.  Very very yummy in the tummy.

Hopefully Rob and I both get a fitful sleep this evening, as we have a busy couple days ahead of us this week, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Hey Cindy,
    I am in for the money challenge!!

  2. WOW ! You got lots more snow then we did all though you are in snow belt up there lol we just got a dusting but the temps are frigid and there are windchill warnings as well . Hope you get your Dyson vacuum . I have had a central Vac from Sunbeam for a few years now and I love it lol ! Thanks for sharing , Lovely family photos . Have a good day and stay safe and cozy !

  3. The dogs certainly love that weather!


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