Saturday, 31 January 2015

Happy Birthday Rob

Today is my husband's Birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROB !  Today we barely spent any time together.  A date will be planned in the very close future for us to celebrate his Birthday together.

Rob did get to sleep in this morning.  I got all my Aussie chores done before my Niece, Joanne, came over as we had planned on going out to some of the Wiarton Willie Festival activities today.

We left about 10 am and got back home, had a cuppa tea before she left, and then I had people come see their puppy at 3:30 pm.

I am EXHAUSTED and think this will be one of my shortest posts ever in my daily online journal.

The Wiarton Willie Festival had lots of cool things going on today from Horse Drawn Sleigh Rides to how to Survive in the Wilderness demonstrations.  There had even been a Ground Hog Jog !!!

Something for everyone .... here are only a couple photos of "highlights" of the day.

Other then being so tired, it was a good day out with my Niece.  For Dinner Rob picked up a Rotisserie Chicken from the Deli.  Easy peasy I LOVE.

Another FUN DAY tomorrow for Day Two of the Wiarton Willie Festival as follows:

SUNDAY, February 1
  • HOCKEY TOURNEY CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES - 10 am to 2pm - Adult Charge - Arena
  • OPTIMIST KIDS FUN DAY - 11am to 3pm - Free - Bluewater Park Igloo
  • WIARTON FARMERS' MARKET CHILI TASTING - 10am - Free - Bluewater Park Pavillion
  • LUMBERJACK SHOW - 11am, 1pm & 3pm - $5 each or $25/family - Bluewater Park HQ
  • PETTING ZOO - 12pm to 2pm - Free - Bluewater Park Pavilion
  • LOCAL WILDLIFE & NATURAL HISTORY TRACKING WORKSHOPS - 11am to 12pm & 2pm to 3pm - Free - Bruce County Library Meeting Room
  • OWEN SOUND ATTACK SLAPSHOT COMPETITION - 1pm to 4pm - Free - Bluewater Park Outdoor Rink
  • SLIDING COMPETITION - 2pm - Free - Bluewater Park Snowhill
  • GEO-CACHING "How To" - 1pm to 2pm - Free - Bluewater County Library Meeting Room
  • SNOWSHOE TRIALS - 2pm to 4pm - Free - Bluewater Park HQ
  • LIVE MUSIC -Angus Leahy & Friends (East Cost & Traditional Irish) - 5pm to 7pm & 9pm to 11pm - Irish Cottage Pub
  • ICE SKATING - All day - Free - Bluewater Park Ice Rink (Bring your skates)
  • LIVE MUSIC - All day - Free - Bluewater Park Pavilion
  • YURT & EVERGREEN TROUGH BED DEMO - All day - Free - Bluewater Park Yurt
  • SURVIVAL IN THE BUSH - All day - Free -  Big Igloo Bluewater Park 
  • OUTDOOR COOKING WORKSHOPS - All day - Free - Bluewater Park Yurt
  • ZORB RACING - All day - Free  - Bluewater Park
  • SNOWHILL/SLIDING - All day - Free - Bluewater Park Snowhill
  • WIARTON HOME BUILDING CENTRE SNO MINI PUTT - All day - Free - Bluewater Park
Yes I do believe I will be back out at the festival again tomorrow.

On that note, I will be soon calling it a day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

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