Sunday, 4 January 2015

A Great Weekend

Despite the nasty weather Saturday our kids headed North on Saturday about 10:30 am to come see us for our Christmas Weekend together. 

Yes the flurries were heavy at times and the roads a little bit on the wet and greasy side with one just having to be a little more careful driving and keeping their speed within reason to accommodate the driving conditions.

Before they arrived I got busy getting a few things ready for the late lunch we would be having.  They did arrive about 1 pm and we filled ourselves up with lots of goodies and then indulged ourselves with a piece of Homemade Carrot Cake.

Poppa got called out after lunch, but told the kids to go ahead and open the gifts without him as he knew how excited they all were.

Yes they were all excited, and so happy to get a Popcorn Machine, Candy Floss & Milkshake Maker from us.  They also each got an individual gift from us as well.

Even our "big" kids were happy with their gifts  Bandit almost had to be in on every gift opening going.

The kids had so much fun outside in the snow yesterday, and again today.  The dogs loved them being here.  Bandit was in his glory, and Portia absolutely couldn't get over all the attention she was getting.

Yes Portia was beyond herself with the attention she was getting.

Poor Liz had gotten off a 12 hour shift Saturday morning and had been beyond tired, but I must admit she was a "trooper" right up until the end of the day.  The kids were all gone to bed by 8 pm, and us adults called it a day to lay down and watch some TV by 9 pm.  Rob went out to work for the evening.

We had ate so much at lunch time we ended up just snacking later on, leaving our Christmas meal for today.  The weather was to take a turn for the worse, so Paul wanted us to eat at 11 pm, so this is what we did.

What a great meal we had with Ham, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Black Bean & Feta Salad, Harvard Beets and Rolls.  The kids absolutely LOVED the Harvard Beets.

A friend recently had given me the recipe for the Harvard Beets, and of course I do love sharing. Recipe please?  FOR A PRINTABLE RECIPE PLEASE *CLICK* HERE.

After lunch was cleaned up the gang all got ready to head out.

It is quite the feat to get five kids and two adults all loaded up and ready to go ... sure happy it is just me, Rob and the Aussies !  And by 11:45 they were heading out the drive way til their next visit.

I had lots more cleaning up to do, and still more tomorrow but I was tired after I did up the dishes, and cleaned my oven (a little mess I had made in earlier required the clean-up).

Late this afternoon I had a phone call about our puppies.  Another one has found her FOREVER HOME, with still the little Red Tri Female & Black Tri Male looking for their Forever Homes now. They just turned two weeks old, and their eyes finally opened this past Friday ... now the fun will begin by the end of this week, then the weaning in only 2 more weeks away.  Time flies in puppy land !

Yes it was an absolutely great weekend, worth every moment of the extra work and sore body to  have those 5 kids here having so much fun, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Hi Cindy~ Looks like you and your family had a great Christmas weekend:) My hubby and I (the grand kids call him poppa too) had so much fun watching the grand kids have so much fun:) Your dinner looks delicious!! Sure would love a piece of carrot cake with cream cheese frosting before my diet starts tomorrow:) Happy New Year Cindy~ PS: I'm almost positive I have that same picture hanging in my house, the picture behind the leather lounge chair....or a picture very similar:) Lynn

  2. It's wonderful that you got a chance to have that time with the kids!

  3. I'm glad the weather wasn't any worse! Looks like a great time was had by all, including the dogs!!


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