Thursday, 6 November 2014

Otter Not Do That Bandit

Finally I slept a bit more then usual not wanting to have to get up when Lexus demanded I do so at 5:49 am.  Unfortunately she had not figured out the Daylight Savings Time yet.

I had a Doctor's appointment today, however my poor Rob has been in excruciating pain with his hip  had him go in my stead.  Dr. Diodati changed up some of his meds prescribing a little bit stronger pain killer then what he had been on.  He also referred him  to an Orthopedic Surgeon in Owen Sound, Dr. Henning.  We will have to bide our time until he gets an appointment to see him.

Dr. David thinks Rob is too young for hip replacement, since they apparently only last 10 years.  By the time he gets in to see the Surgeon, and have the actually surgery that would take him into his 60th year if that was to happen in 2015.  He would be good until he was 70 years old, or possibly longer.

A lot less pain and agony in books !  and fingers crossed he gets some answers and/or relief much sooner then later.

Today the Trapper had been around to check the traps on our property.  I was so excited has he had trapped an Otter between our place and our neighbours.  He told me you seldom ever see Otters.

First time every Bandit and I got to see one up close and personal.  Rob missed out as he hadn't been home.  Yikes !  Otter not do that Bandit ....

Two weeks ago I downloaded the Fitnesspal App to my iphone and starting tracking my calories on a daily basis.

I like that I can see my progress.  I had a very very "bad" day this past Tuesday *blush*, as you can tell by the RED.  Keeping track of what I eat on this app keeps me honest.  The charts below show my whole 2 week progress.

I have put on 20 lbs the last 2 years and it is driving me around the bend.  I understand lifestyle change and menopause has contributed, but still "will power" & "portion sizes" of not holding myself accountable have also been factors.  

My one BFF has lost 30 lbs, and my other BFF has lost 13 lbs.  Mind you they behaved themselves much longer then when I began to, and me? I have lost 3 lbs in 2 weeks.  

Poor Rob is exhausted as am I.  The weather outside is cold, miserable and raining.  Inside our walls it is so nice and toasty, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. It's a damp evening here too.... best to stay inside and have a cup of tea.

  2. "Seldom ever see otters here"...yet there is one less!! ) :


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